I like Budweiser

Now wait before you condemn me........
It all began 30 years ago when I first tried Bud. I thought it was vile.
No body ..... certainly not enough to carry the bitter lack of satisfying
flavor. Oh, it had flavor but it wasn't good. Then I noticed that no
matter where I went I always saw Budweiser served or available. I started
seeing it all over the world. So I had an idea. Since it's a consistent
beer that is available in practially every 7-11 on earth, from the highest
class where pro wrestlers shop and low life places where I shopped, I
thought I'd teach myself to like it.
I sat down a couple of times and drank it until I liked it. It happened
just like that. Soon, I was liking it. Soon I liked it better than the too
heavy or too sweet or confusingly bitter overpriced bullshit exaggerated
imports. I started calling it my favorite beer and it still is. I also
love Michelob.
You see, I've long since discovered that it was the Bud that was bad those
30 years ago, it was me. I was not smart enough to know it was the best
beer on earth and that is why it was everywhere. People demanded it. BTW,
those triple priced imports do not cost any more to make than Bud.
Bud tastes good, it has a born on date so you get an idea of freshness, it's
not overpriced, it's everywhere so you can have it here or in Vietnam or
France or Alaska. It has a good high. And it tastes good with food.
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Jimmy Smith
Why? Just because he likes Bud? Why does someone who likes Bud have to be some sort of deranged mutant?
I've been drinking beer for about 30 years. I've probably tried a at least a thousand brands. I prefer good Belgian beers and hoppy American style IPA's. I've been learning how to brew all-grain beer and am building a 10 gal brewery. Nonetheless, I still like Bud.
It's not my beer of choice, but I'd never turn down a can. Yes ...can! In fact, there's something about Bud in a can that just can't be equaled, even by Bud. Bud longnecks and draft just don't get it. My favorite treat is a can of Bud with a Hostess Berry Pie. Something about those aluminum infused rice hulls mixing with Hostess'es preservatives ...ummmm... ecstasy! No kidding. It drives my brewing mentor crazy. :)
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Personally I like the calssics, like Bud and Mickey's. But for my money you can't go wrong with an elite premium import like Kelliens.
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James Calivar
No, it was the "overpriced imported whatever bullshit" line that made it clearly a troll.
Overpriced bitter imported bullshit.
Troll. ;-) -- Joel Plutchak | Boneyard Union of Zymurgical Zealots
"I don't like beer. I tried it once and thought it was terrible." - Overheard at a restaurant
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plutchak joel peter
No, its because you state it so strongly obviously in an effort to get a response. Its like entering a literary newsgroup and bragging about all the Louis Lamour novels you read. --Dan E
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Huh? This makes no sense, but does use the word "bitter", obviously in response to the guy looking for a beer that wasn't as "bitter" as Bud.
Then I noticed that no
Really? 30 years ago it was "all over the world"? I think the big push for Bud (exporting and contract brewing) happened about 20-25 years ago. Maybe he's thinking about the names of the continents on the label?
Since it's a consistent
C'mon... how can you take this guy seriously after that...
Back in the late 50's, early 60's there was a Budweiser advertising campaign (IIRC it featured Ed McMahon) that told readers to "take the seven day test" or something similar, where one was instructed to "drink only Budweiser for seven days"...and it'll become your favorite. At the time Bud was claiming most other US beers tasted too sweet and that, since Bud was dryer* , it took some getting used to.
"Dry"- the term most US brewers used instead of "bitter", which IS a negative term to most Americans. Think of "Rheingold- The Dry Beer"- "it's refreshing, not sweet, it's the extra dry treat" versus the "bitter beer" campaign of Coors' Keystone. (Not to be confused with the "Dry" beers of a decade ago...)
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I am truly honored that you spent about 4 hours out of your life composing this response. But, anybody that does not realize there are different class 7-11's doesn't know their street stores. Why do you think all those Pakastani guys work there? For their health? Why do you think they sell rubbers in three packs only from behind the counter, while in Walgreens the rubbers are sold in twelve packs in front of the counter? Why do you think they sell beer in the first place? Get an education that is real.
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Jimmy Smith
4 hours? Sorry, dude, they taught me to type in 10th grade...
But, anybody that does not realize there are different class
7-11's? For a guy who's been "all around the world", you should know that beer is not sold in convenience stores in many states in the US, or elsewhere. Luckily, I've never bought beer in a 7-11, and seldom buy anything else in one, either...the only differences in them I've ever found was (a) dirty (b) really dirty (c) help is slow (d) help in really slow and speaks with an accent (e) all of the above.
BUT, I am sorry you took offense at my reply. I thought YOUR post was very clever.
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Maybe it's like a news report I heard in California last week - "so-and-so doing such-and-such has travelled the world, from Los Angeles to New York".
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Jeff Pickthall
That's funny. I'd bet it really means "just LA and NY, with a 1-hour layover at O'Hare." ;-) -- Joel Plutchak | Boneyard Union of Zymurgical Zealots
"I don't like beer. I tried it once and thought it was terrible." - Overheard at a restaurant
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plutchak joel peter
My expression of thought is not so strong Dan. Your inferiority complex makes you feel like my opinion is strong Dan. If I were you Dan, I would not say stupid things that don't add up to a hill of beans.
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Jimmy Smith
classic troll (albeit probably written in jest)... especially the killians line. I start to get worried when I find humor messages that respond to trolls by trolling.
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