Re: Any place to get Park Brau Perminator

In article <3cpqk8$> (Timothy Burks) writes:
> >From: (Timothy Burks)
> >Subject: Any place to get Park Brau Perminator
> >Date: 15 Dec 1994 16:24:40 GMT
> >Hi,
> >Does anyone know where i can get this beer in the US? I really enjoied > >it
> >while living in Germany. I got it in K-Town/Zweibruckken area. > >Thanks,
> >Tim
> Park Brau was the local bottle beer in Kaiserslautern,Zwei,etc. They have a
> KKB that is local to that area too,only have seen it here smuggled! Watch for
> those little green bottles.
That's BBK. I was stationed at Kleber Kaserne from 1976-1978. Right out of high school. Three of the best years of my life!
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