Highland Park, revisited

I had mentioned that I needed to get an OB of Highland Park 18 to compare to my Signatory 20 y.o. bottling. Yesterday, I did just that, and now I'd say that the Signatory is more of a Highland Park with a bit of extra zing than a Talisker without the peat.
The Signatory is an un-chillfiltered bottling, distilled Oct. '82, bottled Aug. '03 (closer to 21 years than 20), cask #1306, bottled exclusively for Binny's (a big Chicago liquor store). It is 46% ABV, compared the the 43% for the 18 y.o. OB.
The IB has a bit of a fiery edge compared to the OB, but it is most definitely a Highland Park. I'm not sure if it's just the slightly higher ABV, or if it's the cask. The OB is noticeably darker.
Either bottle is excellent, in any case. Mmmmmmm.
ObIrony: Today I took a ride on my recumbent trike, and wound up in a Chicago suburb called... Highland Park!
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