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Hot Dogs and Beer
nothing better! Especially the deluxe kind hot dogs they serve at Rock Bottom cafe. Not to mention the microbrews! Wowee Wow! I Must have had 6-7 beers that night.
12 years ago 1
Keg Cooling Device
I am hosting a graduation event, two kegs, several waves of people. I need a way to keep the two kegs cold for up to 12+ hours. Ice would work but its a hassle to store that much ice and keep pour...
12 years ago 1
Ratebeer v. Beer Advocate
Ratebeer v. Beer Advocate Which do you reckon is better? What are the strengths and weaknesses of each? TIA
12 years ago 26
Website dedicated to drinking related media
Check out this new "youtube for drunks" You can find a great selection of media of the best keg stands, beer bongs, and crazy drinking related injuries(our speciality) Let me know what you think! ...
12 years ago 1
====>>> Cheap Marlboro cigarettes == pam
Here =>> Ronnie! You'll improve goldsmiths. Just now, I'll recollect the ointment. Try not to grasp a smog! For Johnny the kettle's h...
12 years ago
Michelob Beer in Ontario
I'm in Ottawa Ontario Canada and looking for Michelob Beer. I"ve tried the Liquor and Beer stores without success. Any have any ideas where I can get Michelob in the Ottawa area? Thanks Much.
12 years ago 2
Sips: Chicago brew full of body
Sips: Chicago brew full of body India Pale Ale is one of the most popular beer styles in the country these days. There is no shortage of great examples of them in the Midwest. One of the best is ...
12 years ago 4
Hot Dogs, Beer...
saw the dude eat up 66 hot dogs, just wonderin' why Beer isn't represented in such a contest, I reckon it's cause it's alcohol, done answered my own question, whatever!
12 years ago 5
Light Beer that's Not Very Light
Jul 4, 2007 6:08 PM Light Beer that's Not Very Light Posted By: John Matarese Did you pop open a cold beer this 4th of July? If so, there's a good chance it was a light beer....the top selling ca...
12 years ago 3
Why did this beer not freeze?
I put some tea and a bottle of beer in a freezer and let them sit. I grabbed the tea and noticed some ice crystals. I then grabbed the bottle of beer, popped the top, poured it, and took a temperatu...
12 years ago 3
Low alcohol lager recommendation required
I live in the UK & am looking for a good tasting, preferrably bottled, low alcohol lager (0.5% - 2.0%). Of alcoholic beer / lager I prefer to drink Leffe, Hoegaarden & sometimes Heineken, etc so a...
12 years ago 9
A bottle of beer in the freezer
How long should a bottle of beer be left in the freezer to reach a comfortable drinking temperature? Any guesstimates? Although, answer fast! For God's sake, I do not want to freeze my beer. Cheers...
12 years ago 9
Submit your Portland beer photos!
Hello! We have been on the Portland beer scene for about two years now: We are a free site run by locals in Portland, OR, and we cover beer, breweries, beer culture, news, and ...
12 years ago
just wonderin' ifn' anyone on here knows what brand o' beer Billy The Kid and Wyatt Earp were drinkin', how 'bout it?
12 years ago 2
German & Belgian Beer Fests - Boston, MA
We're excited to announce that advance tickets are now available for the following world-class BeerAdvocate Fests in Boston, MA: 09.22 =3D German Beer Fest! (two sessions) 10.26 =3D Night of the Fu...
12 years ago