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Guido Italian Beer
Recently had a pretty good Italian beer named "Guido" at an upstate New York bar. Can't find any refernece to it any where on the internet. Does any one know who brews it? Thanks in advance.
12 years ago 5
Beer Today
This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------=_NextPart_000_0070_01C782BE.25A27770 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable Hello all, I'm...
12 years ago
BeerAdvocate 15.15.15
As a thanks to all of you BeerAdvocates out there, we're offering 15% off all purchases $15 or more in our BA Store from now until May 15. This includes BeerAdvocate t-shirts to BeerAdvocate magazi...
12 years ago
Toronado Pub in San Francisco
Toronado, my favorite bar, is in the middle of their annual Belgian Beer Month. Thought I would list the beers they have this time for anyone heading out this way... Here's the link as well htt...
12 years ago
Marvin Shaina
Just an FYI to clarify what was written below...Marvin Shaina may not have been drinking, but he had EXTREMELY high levels of Ecstasy and Cocaine in his system...which, is one of the factors that pl...
12 years ago
Moerlein OTR to debut
Moerlein OTR to debut By Joe Wessels A new bar will open soon at this location on Elder Street at Findlay Market. Elder Café, a notorious Over-the-Rhine bar, will reopen later this month - unde...
12 years ago
American drinking age laws?
Question? If you are not an American citizen and in your country (Russia) drinking age is 18 and you are 18, can you buy alcohol here in America? Will stores honor your Russian passport as an ID a...
12 years ago 7
Club on Competitions -- Scottish and Irish Ales
The results for the Scottish/Irish Ales will not be available for another week due to the fact that I did not receive the majority of the entries until the day before the competition. The deadline ...
12 years ago
Re: Tribesmen, time to come home.
I thought beer was the way by which the Germanic peoples have traditionally related to the world around them. -- smeeter 11 or maybe 12 mp 10 mhm 29x13 Nobody murders m...
12 years ago
Here's To Beer: a Sneak Peek of "The American Brew" in Boston
Last night the bro and I attended a special invitation-only sneak peek of "The American Brew," a film commissioned by Here's To Beer that celebrates the history of beer in America. The event took pl...
12 years ago
Inside the Primary Election for the 2007 Samuel Adams Beer Lover's Choice
I've been sitting on this post for a week. Man, we really need to Beer Smack more often. Anyway ... Last year, the 2006 Samuel Adams Beer Lover's Choice campaign presented "Candidate A" (a Honey Po...
12 years ago
Bink Comes to Boston: Tasting Notes from The Monk's Cell
Bink came to Boston last night, actually The Monk's Cell at The Publick House in Brookline. Marc Limet, brewer at Brouwerij Kerkom (Bink) in Kerkon-Sint Truiden in Belgium, plus two of his colleague...
12 years ago
Saranac Pomegranate Wheat
Hey, I like this year's summer seasonal from Matt X!
12 years ago 6
WTB leinenkugels cans
I am looking for steel leinenkugels cans where the pull tab is pointed DIRECTLY AT THE SEAM. Can MUST be top opened, and mint or close.
12 years ago 1
Beer's Back In The Ballpark!
Ale back for Reds games BarrelHouse revives traditions with return to ballpark, Opening Day customer appreciation specials BY JON NEWBERRY | JNEWBERRY@ENQUIRER.COM Baseball and Cincinnati beer, a ...
12 years ago 1