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According to that site there are no beer festivals in the whole of the UK in December/January. Possibly not a well supported site.
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I subscribe to some Yahoo Groups :
1] cask-uk
2] scoopgen [if you're into scooping/ticking beers]
3] wetherspoons [if you're into JDW's]
All worth having a look at.
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This appears to have also become a beer tickers (train spotter) group with the majority of posting provided by a single person giving tasting scores for the beer he has drunk during the week.
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There are lots and lots: unfortunately they tend to be specific to certain areas of the country or certain angles of interest. This is still the only forum for discussion of cask ale and pubs across the UK. -- Pat Ricroft, City of Salford, UK ================================
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Pat Ricroft
In message , PeterE wrote
All the camra contributors seemed to have left this group because they didn't want to discuss camra's lack of support for real ale. They set up a private group only open to camra members so the converted could peach to the converted.
I suspect that a camera forum is more about promoting camra and not about real ale and pubs.
And a quick look confirms the flawed thinking of an average camera forum contributor. Don't any of them realise that to save a pub or a bus route you have to USE IT on a daily basis and not just twice a year. That is not going to happen with the camra membership alone where the active membership in some areas can be counted on the fingers of one hand.
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Alan writes:
Yes, and to get back to where this thread started, the same is true of newsgroups and other fora. If an alternative to this group is sought, well, what's wrong with this group?
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Ian Clifton
Pardon my stupidity here, but as I remember back in the 70's the name CAMRA actually had something to do with Real Ale.
Is that no longer true? Is CAMRA now drinking Newkie Brown or Stella instead??
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Who knows? They all went and formed their own secret group so they could campaign amongst themselves.
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It's a shame. I joined this group 13 years ago and it was very active (and also, one of the best mannered of all usenet groups) then. I've been to some very good pubs as a result of travelling around and asking people's advice on this group before I go. There were lots of European colleagues here too who could point you in the right direction if you were going to the continent.
I think people just don't use usenet any more, except computer bods maybe.
There's several local CAMRA branches that use Yahoo groups, but nothing national / international.
I don't know if there'd be enough interest to start one? I find it slightly easier with Yahoo because the emails land in your inbox - you don't need a newsreader.
Cliff (Lancaster, UK)
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Have not yet found an alternative.
I really miss this group, especially just before any trip over to West Yorks. Have to rely on my memories of the last trip instead.
The interesting UK beers here in southeastern US have been dwindling. We no longer get Old Peculiar or anything near. Have not seen Coniston Old Man in months.
Gotta believe that good beer sense/taste has died.
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Which I mentioned earlier in the thread:
formatting link

But you have to contend with Richard "chemical fizz" English :-(
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I'm sure there are far more "lurkers" on here who only post when asking/giving advice etc. rather than those who see it as a regular spouting off opportunity. In other words if you have nothing worth saying, keep it shut!! That said, I always keep an eye on the group and enjoy much of its content.
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Why not let them talk about nothing same as they would in the pub? A totally silent group's a bit unwelcoming, like a silent pub.
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