Big apology!
Whilst checking something on the web I noticed that I had the date of Wakefield Beer Fest wrong, It is actually 23rd - 25th October 2003. This may mean that I have got the date wrong for Huddersfield too. There is nothing on their website yet! Wakefield info available though.
Sorry for giving you all the wrong info, just shows I can't always trust my diary.
> > Is anyone aware of the date for the Huddersfield Oktoberfest??? > > peter.l > > ps what happened to my first posting?? It just disappeared > > Huddersfield and Wakefield Beer Festival 16 - 18 October. Both > branches had problems with dates and venue so have ended up clashing, > but should be easy to travel to them both! > > Quite a few weeks of Yorkshire Fests Sept/Oct - other dates for diary: > Keighley Beer and Cider Fest 25th - 27th September. Sheffield 2nd - > 4th October! > > Lynda
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