This year's Champion Beer of Britain announcement...
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There's an error in there though, "All finalists across each category will
be available to sample at the Great British Beer Festival taking place this
week" should read "All finalists will be sold out within 20 mins of this n
otice at the Great British Beer Festival taking place this week"...
My parents help pour the beers for the blind tasting that the panel judge t
he finalists on...but what they couldn't answer me was how a Greene King be
er got to that final, even if it is the little seen mild.
Berkshire seems to be doing well with stouts.
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Simon Cooper
Well, part of the answer is the blind tastings at regional festivals, which select the entries for the national competition. And another part of the answer is that CAMRA members can nominate beers for the competition.
Perhaps your experience of GK beers is slightly coloured by the ability or otherwise of GK pub managers to look after the stuff sent out by the brewery.
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Joyce Whitchurch
Once, sometime after GK IPA got silver, I tried some somewhere in Dorset, IIRC; I found it had subtle qualities that I found OK. Some Other beers are competing purely on Big Hit of Hops, ISTM. Disclaimer: today I had a half of Hop Gun from 3D brewery.
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IPA in the right pub can still be a fine drink, if you're not a hop addict. I still have fond memories of a long session on nothing but GK's IPA in the Skinners Arms near London St Pancras.
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Joyce Whitchurch

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