Keighley Beer Festival 2011

Would be a good festival apart from the fact that Keighley and Craven Camra seem obsessed with getting 'Locale' beers in.
Just a small point, chaps, but people from West Yorkshire can get local beer from local pubs every day of the year. What we can't get, and perhaps what you ought to address, is beers from further afield.
The big question is, are local beer festivals meant for local people, or are they meant for visitors to the area?
If the answer is the former, then so many beer festivals that concentrate on local beers, like Keighley, fail miserably (for the reason given above). If the latter, then they fail there too, because most visitors to an area will have done their homework and will have identified those pubs where they can sample local beers.
I sincerely believe that a local beer festival should give local people the chance to sample beers they can not normally get. Otherwise there's simply no point.
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