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After reading the feature on the Paramount in August's Opening Times, I decided to pay a visit on Saturday 6th October, 1200pm. What a disappointment.
The staff were the typical Spoons juveniles, who have the knack of slowing down when the pub gets busy. The beer I chose (Ventnor Golden) was sold out, even though the clip was still present, and the pint I did get was of very mediocre quality (Freeminer Tormentor). And I fail to see how "Coming Soon" on a pump is an improvement over "Sorry, Not Available".
Pub of the month for August 07? Just shows you can't believe all you read.
Lee, Derby.
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I've been in 'Spoons were the young staff get really moving when things get busier.
I quite like pubs that have a 'coming soon' blackboard, but continuing to show clips for beer not on sale is annoying.
or you can believe that maybe it was better when it was written? or you were there on an off night? that said there's many many pubs I'd rather visit on a trip to Manchester - I hope this wasn't to have been your highlight! cheers MikeMcG
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In article ,
Off being the operative word. There's no excuse for poor beer quality on any night. With good beer, I'll excuse quite a lot of other things.
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well, Lee actually said "very mediocre quality" as opposed to "off" or "poor beer quality", but even so, it' doesn't sound good enough.
but poor beer quality can happen in any real ale pub, as cask beer can stale or pull in the dregs of the bottom during a single serving session - what's more important to me is what happens when you complain about the poor beer quality - ideally a brief apology & changing the poor beer with a wonderfully fresh & perfect replacement. MikeMcG
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