National Winter Ales Festival

Well, the National Winter Ales Festival duly opened tonight, er, last
night now since it's gone midnight. All seems to have gone according to
plan - anything that didn't go according to plan, I've not heard about
yet, but then I was on glasses all night.
My impression was that there is more space available, partly because of
the layout (bars against the side walls) and partly because there is a
lot of space outside the hall where people can drink or eat or whatever.
However, it would certainly be an improvement if we could get the lower
hall as well as the main hall in future years.
One downside for many people will be the limited food on offer:
basically sandwiches and pies. This is beyond the control of the
organisers and is really down to the hall's owners (the Co-op). There
isn't much available round about either, not after about 6 p.m. at any
rate, so anyone planning to visit might want to think about bringing
some snap with them.
The judging for the Champion Winter Beer of Britain takes place in the
morning and results will be announced later on during Thursday.
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N. J. Worthington
And indeed you did!
The food now includes chips, and very decent ones too, or so I'm told. I fetch my pies and sandwiches in from Victoria station, where the station shop [1] offers Ashworths' pies from Preston and an eclectic range of sarnies and samosas and suchlike. It's sited roughly between BURY and GOOLE on the ornamental station forecourt canopy.
Last night (Thursday) was distinctly busy, and tonight looks like being completely wedged. Maybe we should bring in a one-way system - enter the main hall through the door on the right hand side, after you've hired up your glass, and exit the hall by the door on the left hand side. These doorways are definitely bottlenecks.
Everyone seemed to be having a good time last night. I don't think we'll be left with much beer by the time we close tomorrow night.
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N. J. Worthington

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