Peterborough Beer Festival

Since its very good and no one else as mentioned it - It's Peterborough this week and the beer selection does look rather good.
There's more details at
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I'm not connected with it any way apart from going down and drinking the beer, which I will be doing tomorrow and the day after
See you there possibly?
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Paul Rigg
No. I'll be at the friendly, casual, float about (in or out) as you feel Clacton BF. It is on Thu night to Sat. And also OK public transport (trains get you to Clacton, but you can combined the train with a longer thirst-builder if you fancy.)
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Peter Fox
Absolutely! I'll probably be somewhere near the Oakham beers for some of the time.
It may not have the intimacy of the smaller festivals, but IMHO it knocks spots off the GBBF which is becoming too much of a corporate style trade show, with too many brewery stands each with their own corporate entertainment areas.
...and for Peterborough, touch wood, the weather forecast is good, so wellies may not be de rigeur as in many previous years.
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Well light rain tomorrow according to the forecast. But for the rest of the week it looks like it will be dry although a bit on the cool side (which is probably good for the condition of the beers).
We haven't had the drenching rain beforehand so hopefully the ground will be much better - the real problems were due to the fairly consistent heavy rain from setup to opening in previous years.
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Andy Leighton
In article , Paul Rigg writes
#1 son got married in Peterborough on the 11th., I told him he was 2 weeks early :-)
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Mike Swift

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