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Hi Phil,
May I suggest that you take a 9 minute - (on average) - train ride from Port Talbot Parkway up to Neath and visit the 'Borough Arms' in *New Henry Street* - (not Henry Street which is close by !) - the pub brews its own Beers under the name of 'Eagle Bush' brewery - (Landlord / Brewer is Steve Fisher) - and there are 3 guests on, plus one of the 'Eagle Bush' Beers - (Pele's Passion' 3.7% was on yesterday, with either the 'Golden Eagle IPA' or the 'Osprey Dark' 3.9% coming on next). Also available by popular request was the excellent Gwatkin Cider - 'Norman'.
Eagle Bush Beers are usually £1.70p a pint ... Guests up to 4.5% are £1.80p ... 4.6% and above £1.90p ... to contradict this, the Gwatkin 'Norman' Cider was only £1.80 !!!
No food available, but the Landlady kindly made us some really tasty Cheese and Pickle crusty sandwiches, then we had some crusty Bacon Butties !
Well worth a visit in our books, with another one planned for the near future.
Cheers ...
Dave, The Sec-RAT-ary, Real Ale Tasting Society - R.A.T.S. ®
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Apologies ... That should have read ...
Eagle Bush Beers are usually from £1.70p a pint ... Guests up to 4.5% are up to £1.90p a pint ... Guests 4.6% and above £2.00 a pint ... Going by yesterday's 'blackboard' prices.
Dave R.A.T.S.
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