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In article , Peter Lee writes
I don't use Outlook Express but have you got the expire set to 3 days, my Turnpike lets me choose how long an article stays on my computer, I choose 7 days.
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Michael Swift
In message , Peter Lee wrote
It's either your ISP or your own software setting the limits.
Make sure that your own software isn't expiring articles after two or three days. It's a configuration in your own news reading software and 3 days may be the default setting that you haven't changed.
Most reputable UK ISPs will keep text only postings on their servers for a number of weeks. Some of the ISPs that offer a cheap telephone deal may have limited storage capacity and expire news articles after a day or so. ISPs are NOT all the same!
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Thanks for the info I found the problem in the options in tools it was set to 3 days, removed the check mark so it should stay now!!
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Peter Lee

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