Saltaire Cascadian Black 4.8%

I had a few pints of Saltaire Cascadian Black yesterday.
It is described by the brewer as "A black IPA, with the roast malt flavours of a stout and the bitterness and fresh pine aroma of the Cascade hop."
It was very good. Almost as dark as Guinness. God knows why they call it a pale ale.
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Offramp wrote in news:
It was all the rage a year or 2 back "Black IPA" is clearly (SWIDT?) a misnomer. Otley do an Oxymoron ale of that ilk.
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I had an excellent pint of Cascadian Black in a Wetherspoon's in Wrexham last month. I must look it up again.
These days the name IPA can mean anything and everything. As indeed can most other beer styles.
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Joyce Whitchurch
I live in Cascadia, which is the States of Oregon and Washington. There are a ton of small breweries here. It seems that the latest thing here is the black IPA. I have yet to try one. But I will keep an eye open for it and try a jar.
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Julian Macassey

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