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CAMRA Members
Why do all CAMRA members sport an unkempt beard and wear beige cardigans full of holes? And, sorry, but this has to be said; why do they smell (BO) really bad too? What is it that attracts the great...
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OVER 11000 RECIPES!!!!!!
The world=92s best Restaurant. Indian Recipes, Total Health Recipes and lots more. A restaurant is a fantasy-a kind of living fantasy in which diners are the most important members of the cast. click ...
11 years ago
Pubs ?
Article from today's Times :- Thoughts anyone ? I'm in my 60's. Earlier in my life I lived in pubs. Chatting to people -...
11 years ago 4
historic local guides available - free
various, from 70s and 80s. see:
11 years ago
Another West Yorkshire Pubfest (long)
11 years ago 47
Hawkshead Beer Festival
Hawkshead brewery are holdinga beer festival this weekend (starting tomorrow) Looks a good selection of beers More at The venue is within w...
11 years ago
leicester for one night - where should we go?
leicester for one night tomorrow- where should we go? - where not to miss?
11 years ago 12
CAMRA Good Beer Guide POI
11 years ago 21
Worcestershire Pub of the Year award
Another CAMRA thing This Saturday (19/7/08) 1pm Weighbridge Alvechurch, Worcestershire. 200 yards from Alvechurch railway station or beside the canal at Alvechurch Boat Centre. I might see you there...
11 years ago 1
East Anglian Cider Pub of the year award
It's a CAMRA thing This Saturday 1pm Odd One Out Mersea Road, Colchester. 200 yds from _St.Botholphs Station_ or a little to the south (east-ish) of the town centre. Not only have I written a song...
11 years ago 1
Excuse me for my english, but it's important for me your answer: I MUST use isinglass to erase the yeast, because else I've abdominal problems. I want ask: somebody has tried to bottle beer with isin...
11 years ago 10
Pub website
Anyone tried to organise nights out to the pub? Looks like a pretty useful way to vary which real ale pub you end up in with no effort!
11 years ago 2 FAQ
11 years ago
Former Beerhouse, Manchester
Did anyone else notice this? I know Rob little bit and he...
11 years ago 2
New pub at Urmston station
Good news everyone! The former booking office on the Liverpool platform of Urmston station has today re-opened as a pub-cafe-bar, to be known as The Steamhouse. Two cask ales are on offer, both from H...
11 years ago 8