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5 Essex pub beer festivals plus a new online version of Tap-room
Essex pub Real Ale festivals - 5 in the next 4 weeks. News on real ale, pubs, beer festivals and breweries with a touch of humour. The brand new on line edition...
11 years ago
Duvel/Moortgat buys Liefmans
Oh well, this looked on the cards - at least hopefully D/M will invest in the old plant & keep the beers going - I think compared to InBev, etc they're a pretty safe pair of hands & brew some cracking...
11 years ago
Bromsgrove Beer Festival 2008
11 years ago 2
Keighley and Worth Valley Railway 40th Anniversary
The Keighley and Worth Valley Rail;way, which operates the only Good Beer Guide Listed Railway Buffet Car in the country, is celebrating the 40th annivesary of its re-opening in preservation this we...
11 years ago
I'm off to Krakow, Poland this week for a pint. Had a look here, but it doesn't look too exciting. Any recommendations?
11 years ago 7
Namyslow Plum Beer
They've got this beer exclusively in some Wetherspoons on draught ATM. Very nice, but sweet. Certainly a beer with a difference. It has a rich aroma of plum. Anybody else tasted it? They also ha...
11 years ago 10
Wise words . . .
"In recent years the quality of draught beer has undoubtedly improved. Brewers have rediscovered a passion for their art and licensees attach more importance to the skills of keeping and serving draug...
11 years ago
GWBCF 12-14th June
Starts this Thursday. This year the Great Welsh Beer & Cider Festival has moved to the CIA, having outgrown its former venue (City Hall). This is Wales largest beer festival with 170 real ales and ...
11 years ago
Beer festival
We are holding the First Cambridge Blue beer fest from 24.6.08 - 29.6.08 More details at
11 years ago
The Ibex
We have a pub here called The Ibex, and I was once told that there is only one other pub in the country with that name, and that is in Scotland. Can anyone confirm this and, if so, tell me where it...
11 years ago 2
6 more festivals on now or soon (Essex)
6 more Essex Real Ale festivals (mainly pub) on now or in the next 4/5 weeks Click on the pictures to go to the pub's own we...
11 years ago FAQ
11 years ago 1
What about the crash on the M5/M6?
I really hope it wasn't any of our brewers! Stuart and Lynda (POW Foxfield) go out in a white van, collecting beer and returning barrels, driving up and down the country, but only on Tuesdays and Wed...
11 years ago 5
3rd Delapré Abbey Beer Festival, Northampton
11 years ago
23rd Colchester Real Ale & Cider Festival
Tuesday 27th May to Saturday 31st May 2008 at the Colchester Arts Centre. Over 100 Real Ales 15 Ciders & Perries Local Wines Belgian Beer Bar Details at:-
11 years ago