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Preston suggestion
This is my task: "I'd mainly like somewhere where we could talk. So how about a good quiet-ish pub, no loud music; possibility of some food maybe but still down to earth? I can't drive so that affect...
12 years ago 3
Pembury Tavern Beer Festival 14/18th November
The Pembury Tavern, Amhurst Road, Hackney, London is having a beer festival running from tomorrow (14/11) to Sunday (18/11) Please check the website for more details.....
12 years ago
(Beer King??) mini-keg system.
Hi I notice that several homebrew shops in the UK are selling 5 litre mini-keg systems (made by Beer King I think). As the party season is fast approaching and scrounging friends always ask if I am ...
12 years ago
Third pint glasses in Wetherspoon's
Wetherspoon's are offering beer in thirds of a pint during their current beer festival. Well, to be honest, I think they're offering three beers, each in a 1/3 pint glass, rather than individual thi...
12 years ago 16
Oakwell brewery - Weaver Hotel, Runcorn
I was in the Runcorn area yesterday and took the opportunity to drop in at the Weaver Hotel in Weston Point to see what's new. First impression was that the much needed and long threatened makeover h...
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Marquess Tavern, Islington - win dinner for 2.
I know some feel that the word prefix "gastro" is best left to go with the suffix "entiritis", but . . . to coincide with the launch of Will & Fiona Beckett's new beer cuisine book "An Appetite for Al...
12 years ago 1
Beer in the Evening has been revamped - it would seem they are under new management & have a full time staff.
12 years ago 15
email 2 -- Peter Fox Beer, dancing, cycling and lots more at www.emi...
12 years ago 1
email 1
-- Peter Fox Beer, dancing, cycling and lots more at
12 years ago
British Beweries history
Hi all. Does anyone know of a good source for detailed history of brewing in the UK? I am particularly interested in finding out as much as possible about two specific, small local breweries that ex...
12 years ago 8
Beer Festival Prescot, Merseyside. 25 - 27 October
The Rotary Club of Rainhill is holding its Fifth Bierfest from 25 - 27 October 2007. PROGRAMME OF EVENTS Thursday 25th October 7.00pm to 11.00pm Friday 26th October 7.00pm to 11.30pm Saturday 27th...
12 years ago
Blatant Plug - Worth Valley Beer and Music Weekend
On this weekend from 26th to 28th October featuring around 120 real ales plus foreign beer and cider/perry in the Exhibition shed at Oxenhope. Award winning on train bars operating Friday and Saturd...
12 years ago 10
Kent pub report
On a rare country outing we were on our way to another GBG pub when I almost drove past the Halfway House in Brenchley - what a great place. All beers gravity dispensed, and the local Goachers Fine ...
12 years ago 4
Recommended drink limits
Turns out the "recommended drinking limits" were a work of fiction after all. But then, we all knew that didn't we? ...
12 years ago 18