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Pub Grub
It confirms what I have believed recently. It doesn't cost much more to eat in a proper restaurant these days and probably represents better value fo...
11 years ago 13
Beer In The Evening Top 40 as per 23:38 15/10/07
Please can anyone explain how number 1 is arrived at? The top 13 currently all have an average of 7.4 with 25 or more ratings. 1. Royal Oak - Boroug...
11 years ago 28
Pubs hope to Cash Inn on Jasper Carrott quiz (Sunday Times 14/10/07)
11 years ago
America getting a taste for good beer,,2190627,00.html
11 years ago 17
Now Brown plans new tax on pub quizzes (Sunday Mail 14/10/07)
Could this be the final death knell to the British Pub? Most of the pubs I know including my own lo...
11 years ago 5
HP Desktop for sale!
Hi, I have an unused HP Pavilion with the fallowing specs: # Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 4000+ (2.1GHz, 2000MT/s System Bus) # Memory: 2048MB PC2-5300 DDR2 SDRAM memory (2x1GB) (expandable to 8 GB (4...
11 years ago
Are They Able to do this?
I'm not going to be too specific about this because it might cause trouble, but the landlord of my local has developed his real-ale trade and has got into the GBG. Recently the pub owners -lets call ...
11 years ago 8
Very pleased with Harwich beer
This year-old ish micro is producing superb stuff. Subtle, mellow and moreish. I've had three opportunities through the summer to taste their stuff and I'd give it five stars. Essex - where the goo...
11 years ago 22
Manchester Paramount
After reading the feature on the Paramount in August's Opening Times, I decided to pay a visit on Saturday 6th October, 1200pm. What a disappointment. The staff were the typical Spoons juveniles, ...
11 years ago 3
Know thy enemy
I was listening to Classic FM yesterday when a Sainsburys commercial for their Rugby World Cup drinks offers came on. A part of the commentary said, 'Kick the pub into touch and come down to Sainsbu...
11 years ago 5
Blow for Blows' blow
Landlord accused over smoking ban A landlord in Herefordshire is being prosecuted for allegedly allowing smoking in his pub. Tony Blows is accused of smoking himself and allowing other people to smo...
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11 years ago
Cider measures
I notice that both Aldi and Lidl are selling ciders from Devon at £1.29 a pint (568ml) Is there any reason why bottles of cider can still be sold in imperial measures, whereas beer is almost always ...
11 years ago 31
Mama's got a clean squeeze box
Letter: Confessions of an accordion cleaner BMJ Volume 335, p 630 The smoking ban has not only improved air quality in Irish pubs but also appears to have improved the quality of the music, accordin...
11 years ago 4
We are intelligent
The Intelligent Choice ? a newly published industry report on cask ale (copies now available) 'Ale Revival As Market Heads For Growth' Industry experts are challenging suggestions that the much mal...
11 years ago 32