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Vertical Integration Isn't Dead
12 years ago
Email to Kelham Island Brewery
I'm getting emails to bounced with the message 550 Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable Are they aware of this? Possibly it's flooding related I g...
12 years ago 5
Cask Marque "Best of British Beer Awards"
I got the Cask Marque supplement with this months WB & it includes some info about their Daily Torygraph / CM joint beer competition. Just in case there's any confusion - I only wrote the bits in bra...
12 years ago 34
Smoking ban. It's about time alcohol was also prohibited.
It's about time our politicians grasped the nettle and started a further legal incursion into alcohol consumption. Alcohol related illnesses are becoming a greater drain on resources than smoking rela...
12 years ago
Change already?
"Oo, you can smell the food", says a lady walking into the pub where I just had lunch. Odd, I'd been told that the pubs would be all boarded up, deserted and cobweb strewn by now...
12 years ago 79
BRUMAS Home Brewery
Has anyone out there had any experience of the BRUMAS Home Brewery? It's bl**dy expensive, but looks like it would be a lot less hassle than my old Burco, Bucket and Microbore setup.
12 years ago 9
The 5th Carlton Arms Beer Festival For details of an excellent Beer Festival 60+ Beers and Ciders. There are also Belgian Beers and Fruit wines
12 years ago 3
Sheffield Pubs
Does anyone know how the well known sheffield pubs Fat Cat, Kelhan Island Tavern, Hillsborough, etc fared during the recent flooding. I saw that Sheffield Wednesday had been flooded on the televisi...
12 years ago 4
It's my home bloody county and I've lost track of all the new breweries popping up, I think I've got it sussed then someone mentions another one I've never heard of - can anyone help with an up-to-d...
12 years ago 25
George Bateman Dies
12 years ago 4
Greene humour
The Nag's Head, Reading, has done a lot better since Greene King declared it unviable and sold it. Here's the inside view: "Everybody hates us, but we did do two things right - we spent a lot of m...
12 years ago 3
In Denial
I am just so gobsmacked about the lack of information about the forthcoming smoking ban in England. In Scotland for weeks and months before, posters, notices etc were everywhere. I every pub I have b...
12 years ago 41
Smoke Free Pubs
Hi Folks, was running a pub last week which has gone non smoking , and must say what a pleasure it was to work in a great enviroment where at the end of the day your clothes do not reek of stale s...
12 years ago 26
5th Bromsgrove Beer Festival July 12-14th
12 years ago
Cider Festival - Hebden Bridge
Short notice, I know, but for those of you living locally and wondering where to go, the Stubbing Wharf Inn in Hebden Bridge is holding a cider festival with about 40 different ciders. There's also a ...
12 years ago 1