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Burnley and Keighley Beer Festivals.
Two beer festivals within 30 miles of each other. Both are possible within a day. Keighley is in a new more central venue, the Central Hall in Alice Street, a mere 5 minutes from the railway station....
7 years ago
Central Asian beer
So, does anywhere in Britain sell beer from the microbreweries of Kyrgyzstan? This is actually quite interesting: there is a local beer boom in a post-communist majority-Islamic country: In article ,...
7 years ago 6
E-petition news
I don't know what grieves me more: the fact that we, the beer drinkers of Britain, still haven't got enough signatures together to force Her Majesty's Government to reconsider the rate at which they...
7 years ago 7
Walsall - pub accomodation?
I'll be in Walsall in a few weeks. I've been trawling through some hotel sites but most of the time it's the usual story -- naff furniture, staff in silly waistcoats, wallpaper from the set of...
7 years ago 3
Warning: don't use
Don't be fooled! Please don't imagine it is a real live forum with real live people sending their messages - it is all poached by bots! If you want to interact with real people, real real ale...
7 years ago
Albion Warrington - set to close
The following message was taken from the Albion's facebook page: "We are sorry to inform everyone that owing to a dispute with the landlords who now want to charge £200 per day rent, The Albion...
7 years ago 14
Friends of Ham, Leeds
Leeds has always been the poor relation in West Yorkshire with regard to decent beer. Things are definitely changing, with venues such as Mr Foleys, the North Bar and now the Friends of Ham. Just down...
7 years ago 2
Hand Drawn Monkey, Huddersfield
a new cafe bar in Huddersfield has recently opened. Along with numerous bottles craft beers, there are a couple of handpumps, one seemingly serving a Mallinsons beer. There are also key keg beers,...
7 years ago 5
Leeds International Beer Festival
Yet another non-CAMRA event in Yorkshire this time. September 6th - 9th at Leeds Town Hall
7 years ago
Independent Manchester Beer Convention
Here's an interesting festival, being held in 5th /6th October. It's being held in the spectacular Victoria Baths in Manchester (which won an award on the BBC TV Restoration programme a few years ago)...
7 years ago
What happened?
This used to be such a vibrant newsgroup. What happened? In article , CAMRA mail lists etc. You stopped coming ... along with a few others ;o))) In article , In article , ChrisF writes When was it...
7 years ago 31
All cumbrian beers (75) and ciders (7) and perries (3) Festival
It's a RECORD!! 75 Cumbrian-brewed beers and 10 Cumbrian-pressed ciders and perries all in one place. Cockermouth 29th & 30th Sept. Details and beer list: Mainline train/bus connections excellent!...
7 years ago
More on Calder Valley Pubs
Following the recent floods it has now come to light that Punch Taverns have decided to dispose of three of their pubs which have been damaged by the floods The three are The Railway in Hebden Bridge...
7 years ago 1
Hi folks Looking for good drink and food in the Pontyclun area. GBG doesn't seem to have much to offer. Thanks johnnysaint You have to walk up the track (not just kidding, there's a footpath to the...
7 years ago 3
New on-line edition of TAP-room (Essex and beyond)
New on-line edition of TAP-room available Beer, pub, festival and brewery news with a touch of humour. Thanks. Tap Room is always a great read! Well I hadn't heard this! (nothing on the BII site) and...
8 years ago 3