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Lilly Pilly Beer Home Brew
Inspired by a trip to Brussels, I made some Belgian style fruit beer using Lilly Pilly. Syzygium oleosum (LillyPilly) is an Australian native tree with cherry-like white to red fruit. They grow in ...
13 years ago
Russian River Damnation
I just got a couple of 750's direct from the brewery and after opening one and letting it warm up a bit, hey, this is some *good* stuff! Reminds me of the Duvel I had some time in the past. ;^) I...
13 years ago 6
Introduction and beer question
Hi everyone, I've just discovered this group and have been skimming the topics today - seems like a very interesting mix! Just to introduce myself, I'm a 24 year-old Scottish real ale drinker liv...
13 years ago 4
Boulevard Bob's 47 Munich-Style Lager
I'm a bit too busy to hop on I-35 and head down to Kansas City myself right now, so can somebody else in the area head to Boulevard and threaten the brewers with a gun to force them to make this a...
13 years ago 2
Great Divide Old Ruffian
We just started getting Great Divide in Kansas. Actually I think it is returning after an absence. The Old Ruffian Barleywine is mighty tasty. Lots of fruity malt aromas and flavor finishing with a ...
13 years ago
Czech beer outside Prague
Any recommendations for destinations in the Czech republic for a beer tourist? I have been to Prague before and know where to find good beer in the city. Any other options outside Prague? I have pre...
13 years ago 8
The Complete Belgian Brewery/Beerfirm List
Hi, For those interested in the most complete and most up-to-date Belgian brewery and beerfirm list existing on the entire WWW, I can advice to visit the Belgian Beer Board (
13 years ago
Recently tried some NB 1554, like it a lot. Other opinions? Avery Brew on brother! SW US desert
13 years ago
Ohio beer
Lew this might interest you on many levels, beerily, newsworthy, and locally were you not in shitey PA. DE
13 years ago 3
New Beer Website is a brand new website with tons of beer and alcohol related humor and media. Submit your favorite beers to a continually growing list of beers
13 years ago
SA Cranberry Lambic: He LIKES it! He LIKES it!
Early last week I picked up the SA Winter Classics or Holiday Sampler or whatever it's called. My mom taught all us boys that if we didn't like something, we had to keep trying it to see if we ever...
13 years ago 8
Excellent Book: Yuengling
I am reading a book about the history of Yuengling Brewery. The book is well researched, and well written. Some people might find it a bit scholarly, but the author provides a lot of historical econ...
13 years ago 2
"UK Happy hour never ends with no closing time"
Happy hour never ends with no closing time More than nine decades after Britain curtailed pub hours to get wartime munitions workers back to their jobs, round-the-clock public boozing is about to be...
13 years ago
Burton Baton DFH
An oak aged imperial india pale ale, some beer geeks may love what they may theorize as the subtle interplay betwixt a highgravity uber ipa and the side show oak flavor; However they would be propog...
13 years ago 8
Full Sail Brewing Releases Wassail Ale for the Holiday Season
Hood River, Or - A few unmistakable signs tell us when winter has arrived in Hood River. The waterfalls in the Gorge start kicking out the jams. The snow report for the backcountry regains its hol...
13 years ago