La Marzocco LineA Broken Banjo Tube

I am in the process or refurbishing a La Marzocco LineA 3 group
espresso machine. Up until now it has been going very smoothly.
While trying to remove the banjo bolt from the group head I broke the
banjo tube where the pipe meets the circular fitting.
This part is back ordered for 4-6 weeks. Does anyone know if this sort
of thing is repairable? I have heard of people doing modifications to
their banjo tubes so I was thinking maybe I could fix this one,at least
If not I will just block off that group for now.
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The fittings on the TL27 banjo tube are silver brazed and can be repaired. I have made my own different length tubes by purchasing the fittings at either end from ESI . The part numbers for the fittings were L100/2 and L100/4. Good Luck there is always a way.
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