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Moka pot blend, grind question
Hello, I would like to know what are the best coffee blend, (brand name, ) for a moka pot and which grind gives best results.
16 years ago 1
gaggia coffe crema problem
I have just got a new gaggia coffe deluxe but am having a problem, in that it does not have any crema on the brew. I am using a Russell Hobbs burr grinder set fine & fresh beans. One thing I have foun...
16 years ago
Re: Zach&Dani's roaster (not working for me....)
In article , Try using fewer beans; this should speed up roasting time, which might fix the sourness.
16 years ago 1
caffeine vs. theopylline
What is the exact diffrence between the effects of caffeine and theopylline ???
16 years ago 2
How to make Thai Iced Coffee.
Dear all, Could you remember me? Today I would like to tell you how to make Oleang. Traditionally, Oleang, or Thai Iced Coffee, is brewed with a "tung dtom kaffee"-a metal ring with a handle to wh...
16 years ago 3
New to newsgroups
Hi I am new to newsgroups and am very interested in espresso coffee. I am from Sydney Australia and would like to meet others also from Australia who are mad about coffee....
16 years ago 2
Just want to say Hello
Hello everybody, you can call me Tosas. I come from Thailand, I would like to join in your group. I am 27 years old, and not very good in English, and I am exploring the newsgroups for others who love...
16 years ago 5
Advantage of coffee press method?
What are the benefits of making coffee using a coffee press as opposed to using the regular drip method? I would think that buy having the grounds at the bottom of the glass container that the coffee ...
16 years ago
Re: Best coffee for making coffee ice cream?
In article , says... I agree with Jim... several espresso shots work well. Rather cappucino-like. You could also use a cold drip coffee which, while it would be...
16 years ago 8
FS: Nuovo Simonelli Oscar
I am selling a new Nuovo Simonelli Oscar. Still in box, unopened. Nice machine, but I think I'll go for something a little more modest. Best offer over $600 + shipping. Will go on ebay next week if u...
16 years ago
Priming instructions for Starbucks Barista espresso machine?
Hello All - Is there a kind soul out there who would be willing to post priming instructions for a Starbucks Barista espresso machine? Many thanks.
16 years ago 1
concentrated/reduced espresso?
Hi All - I have been unable to find what I'm looking for on the Web, but if the answer to my question is in an FAQ somewhere, just slap me around and point me at it. I would like to make a very conc...
16 years ago 3
Bodum Santos vacuum pot filter
I've just recently bought a Bodum vacuum pot (the stove-top kind, not automatic) and I really like it EXCEPT the filter really tends to get clogged. I've tried using a coarser grind of coffee and it ...
16 years ago 2
Re: torani or da vinci syrups
Jillian, Try TJ MAXX, Ross and Marshall's (I'm not kidding!). About $6/large bottle. Wal Mart Supercenters also carry the coffee aisle. Happy hunting! Myron...
16 years ago
Re: Coffee buffs! (Smiles Coffee, misleading promo, and Brazilian coffee at WalMart)
In late June, Cheryl Isaak noted here in a promotional deal at Smiles Coffee. Others had mentioned their microwave roast-your-own, and this seemed like a good time -- I could use a better ch...
16 years ago