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Kona coffee growers plagued by beetle put hopes in fungus
Since is a wasteland, let's try here: I will at once grab your rss feed to stay informed of any updates.
9 years ago 1
Guilty of DWI (Drinking-coffee While Indian)
Dear Howard, Yesterday I was in your Richmond Beach Starbucks #385 at 606 Richmond Beach Road, Shoreline, WA 98177 and I witnessed a crime of assault which disturbed me immensely. Let me change a few...
9 years ago 7
Great Coffee Drink
On a trip to Jamaica I ran into something interesting... They don't offer cream, instead they offer sweet milk. This is sweetened condensed milk. Remarkably it doesn't spoil in the heat they have down...
9 years ago
How Do You Take Your Coffee? [POLL]
I posted this poll a while ago over at , but thought the community here might enjoy voting as well. Check the box to cast your vote, the see what others prefer. 'How Do You Take Your Coffee? [POLL] |...
9 years ago 1
Have we missed something?
Hello all We are interested in purchasing a home coffee machine but am unsure if we will have the need for it. We usually put the kettle on, put coffee in cups, wait until kettle boils, fill cups and...
9 years ago
Esspresso and Millstone coffee
I have and esspresso machine, not top of the line but wrks for me, I'm trying to find a (for me) smoother as well as dark roasted coffee, I have limited experience with coffee tastes therefore limited...
9 years ago
Starbucks tells baristas to slow down
(Wall Street Journal) - Starbucks Corp. is telling its harried baristas to slow down — which may result in longer lines. Amid customer complaints that the Seattle-based coffee chain has reduced the...
9 years ago 5
just want cafe ---100% pure Malaysia Liberica in US
Hi all, first of all, thanks for clicking on this post and viewing it. I think many of you know about Columbia, Kenya, Brazilian coffee etc. And you might know that many of these coffees that are...
9 years ago
favorite coffee shop?
of course, my first choice would be at home! haha! great-tasting coffee comes from your home-brewed coffee. and of course starbucks :P i only like the coffee that made by myself..i am seldom going to...
9 years ago 1
Selecting/getting porcelain 1-cup pour-over filter holder cone
For years, I've been planning to switch away from my plastic one-cup coffee cone. I want to find the right size to allow me to use up my lifetime supply of Melitta #2 filters. After considerable...
9 years ago 2
Brita as softener
(Forgot to x-post here from ac, so multipost it is) We recently moved (yes, AGAIN -- see )The water at the new place comes in at 226 ppm TDS at the tap. Run it through a brand new Brita filter and it...
9 years ago 1
Chemex Blooming question?
I watched some videos of coffee blooming using standard Chemex, but my coffee doesn't bloom like that. As far as I can tell, my coffee isn't blooming at all. What's wrong? Does course or fine grounds...
10 years ago 3
Let Culinary Herbs Spice Up Your Life
Discerning cooks from around the world appreciate culinary herbs. Culinary herbs and spices add zest to every dish served at every hour around the globe. If you are making food products that will be...
10 years ago
Recently visited coffee places
We were in Yauco a week ago, then at Milagro in Las Cruces this weekend. Didn't get to spend nearly enough time at the former, or have much reason to spend much time at the latter (since Bernie was...
10 years ago 1
What's Your Favorite Coffee?
Hey every one =); How do you like your coffee cup? What's your favorite coffee? Share us ;) Espresso, made at home with our Gaggia Synchrony, using about 90% light- or city-roasted beans and the rest...
10 years ago 2