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It's been nearly 3 weeks now and my beer is still not clarified. And it seems that it's still in the fermentation period (little bubbles comming from the pressure control valve).
Why is that? I put the beer machine at a room termperature for 7 days before I moved it into my refridge.
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If you are still getting bubbles in the airlock, the yeast has not completed fermentation.
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"BS" wrote in news:zfOhe.2227$5m1.2165@trnddc06:
...meaning you should have waited more than your 7 days. Which is odd, as I understand it most brews will finish in that time at ideal temperatures. Putting it in the fridge will have slowed fermentation right down. I'd take it out, let it warm up and leave it another week (or until the bubbles stop, which would probably only be a few days), unless I was short on beer in which case I'd carbonate it and drink it. The unfermented sugars might sweeten it though.
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On Wed, 11 May 2005 20:08:11 GMT, "libo@hfx" said in
You don't refrigerate after 7 days, you refrigerate after all fermentation is done. (The best way to determine that is 3 days going by with the SG not dropping.)
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Al Klein

Why is it with Mr Beer you have to heat the mix on the stove, And with the Beer Machine there is no heating just put in and go? I did order some mixes from Mr Beer so next time I will Give It a try.
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On Wed, 18 May 2005 21:33:45 GMT, "junkhunter" said in
Possibly because the Mr. Beer extract hasn't been boiled yet. In order to get the bitterness from the hops, *someone* has to boil the wort - either the company making it or you.
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Al Klein

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