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Any experience with Mr. Beer. They seem to have some simple starter kits -
but are it drinkable?
It's seems that it's a US/UK shop. Any experience in buying to other
Kurt Sejr Hansen
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Kurt Sejr Hansen
To the best of my knowledge they use little partial batches. No one else sells the extract in those sizes so you are stuck buying their stuff.
I'd say go to your local shop and get setup to do a full batch (19L or 23L depending on where you are from). You'll have a lot more choices of kits and it is quite simple. Plus I don't think you'd be spending much more than mr beer to get started (and your overal cost per batch will be lower).
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I was using a Mr. Beer up until a few weeks ago when I bought a regular kit... I am still going to use the Mr. Beer for making specialty beers, like fruit beers and barleywines. If you do it right it's definately drinkable but you wont get as good results as you would with a full setup. plus as stated above the cost per batch is more with Mr. Beer. and they don't ship anywhere outside the US/UK. You can use other malt extracts, you just have to estimate how much you need and properly save the rest of the malt for the next batch. But I like having both setups going.
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Mr. Beer is a waste of money if you ever want to do 5 gallons or more at a time. Get a regular starter kit for beer. You will be in a much better spot to upgrade later.
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I think someone asked the same question only a weekago. The best response I heard was something like this.
For the same price of MR. Beer, you can get a start-up kit, and MR. Beer cannot be 'expanded/upgraded' like a normal startup kit.
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