Wine Kit Recommendations / Good Deals???

Hi there
Not long finished a 6 bottle wine kit and I am hooked on home wine
making :)
Can anyone recommend a good RED wine pack - I am thinking of 30 bottle
kits now (although anything considered)? I like full bodied but I am
planning on doing several batches so I can enjoy some while others
Any good discounts etc on at the moment that I should take advantage
Any really good UK sites - I have been usign these guys for a while
and they have been very good:
formatting link

Many thanks in advance.
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I don't really know what brands are available in the UK. There is a UK based discussion forum but I couldn't find the www address readily.
I believe that Vineco kits are available in the uk, but don't know where. Their Canadian web-site
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doesn't list UK retailers.
They have a full bodied proprietary blend called Legacy Primo Rosso that is very good. Their Ken Ridge Showcase line makes excellent Australian Shiraz, New Zealand Pinot Noir.
The 4-week Ken Ridge Classic line is pretty good too, and drinkable a bit younger.
Browse their web-site a bit.
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Hi Eric.
I can vouch for the (Vineco) Kenridge Kits I have made. I have completed the Kenridge Classic White Zinfandel and Kenridge Legacy Pinot Noir, both of which were delicious and simple to make.
They are widely available in the UK, it seems most of the winekits from Canada and the US are.
Some winemaking shops online that I use are:
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- especially good for equipment, like outsized primary fermenters
formatting link
- a good all round equipment and kit supplier
formatting link
- a relatively expensive shop but they have a good range of kits, gear and information available.
I mostly use my local winemaking supply shop now who havent got an online purchasing system but do excellent prices on a good range of stuff.
Prices seem to be fairly consistent on wine kits, but you can do a lot worse than finding a kit at an online store then googling it by name to get the right price.
Good luck, Jim
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