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Beer Fermenting Question.
Hi Guys got a quick question on a 10 gallon primary fermenter. Looks just like this one: Basically my question is do I snap the l...
13 years ago 2
Oxygenation of wort
I've heard of some people using the disposable oxygen canisters you can get at home depot. Given that these don't claim to be food grade, has anybody had or heard of any issues ?
13 years ago 5
Partial Mashing Question
I'm going to brew 2 batches tomorrow with a buddy of mine and one is going to be a partial mash. It's an oatmeal stout with a grain bill of 5lbs. How much water and what temp for how long? I was g...
13 years ago 3
After mashing at 155 degrees for an hour should I be recirculating the liquor as I am sparging. I havn't quite thought about how I would do that without a pump. Any suggestions?
13 years ago 3
Looking for a triple recipe
Does anyone have a recipe they tried out personally for a 20L all grain batch? Thanks, Hippo
13 years ago 1
newbie alert: best way to start
Hi all, I'd like to try to try my hand at some lightweight brewing. Are there any kits that can help get a newbie up to speed? Also, I've got rose petals and honey on my mind. Any kits have prem...
13 years ago 2
Re: Strangest way to lose a brew
It seems like you're well on your way with a great infused marinade ;) Now just feed him some garlic and tarragon for about a week, and you're all set.
13 years ago 1
oops. too much hops?
If patients is a virtue I'm in trouble. My LHBS is a POS. They have a whole 10 ft square for beer and wine making. If I was smart I would drive 2 hrs to a good HBS in Charlotte or Greensboro or ...
13 years ago 7
dumb question
I brewed a batch of hefeweizen, using grains and malt extract. It was the first time i have brewed alone, usually more experienced friends are around to help. I thought i did everything right but th...
13 years ago 6
I know that coriander makes a nice adjunct to certain brews. Has anyone ever tried using cilantro (the herb/plant from which coriander seed is derived)? I have hundreds of plants, and the notion h...
13 years ago 22
My latest brew...
Five gallons of boiled (hard) water One ounce of Fuggles hops pellets One ounce of Chinook hops pellets 11.5 ounces of Safale yeast And... IT'S ALIVE! ALIVE!!! YHAH-HA-HA-HA!!! p.s. And the brew...
13 years ago 10
exotic beers
Hi All, I was on the Sam Adams website -- looks like they have some interesting exotics -- chocolate bock, millennium, triple bock and utopias. Unfortunately, the Sam Adams distributors in my area...
13 years ago 4
Good Eats
Did anyone catch the beer making episode of Alton Brown's GOOD EATS on the Food Network? He made it look pretty easy and it made me think I should try my first batch? Did he miss any points? Th...
13 years ago 10
The Man Code Book Release
The authors of the The Man Code The Rules And Guidelines Of Manhood have finally sobered up and released their book to the public. It is already being deemed by its readers "The greatest contributi...
13 years ago
Washington DC
It is time to move again and I am moving to Andrews AFB near DC. I need to find a good source for homebrewing supplies in the area. Anyone with recommendations? Dave
13 years ago 2