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Tapping Pond Scum?
Hi, I'm a novice to home mirco-brew, so naturally I have a question. I've bought a Coopers Micro-brew kit, and have my wort in the fermentor as of yesterday. I am wondering, in about 5 more days wh...
13 years ago 3
is it okay to quickly carbonate beer?
Hi, obviously the best way to carbonate beer after bottling will be with the usual priming sugar & then waiting for the yeast to do it's job. Are there other ways to carbonate that are quicker? Th...
13 years ago 6
New Brewer In UK
done a few boil in the bag jobs.... looking to move in to making my own brews. any advice on UK kits for crisp dry largers ? Thanks.. sQuick..
13 years ago
free bottles long island
5 Cases 20 OZ. 5 Cases 16 OZ. Free to give away . Tri State. NY, NJ, Conn. Come and get EM! Keith
13 years ago
Re: Wahl & Henius
OK I'm instrested. what do you want to do with it.
13 years ago 1
Odd final gravity
I don't want to call this a problem because it's really not. I'd just like a little feedback from the community. The last several batches of beer I've made, including an oatmeal stout, have ferm...
13 years ago 2
beer machine: Leaving fermentation for 9 days
HI there: I'm new to brewing, for the moment using a Beer Machine 2000 until we move into a house where I can get a proper set up. I started a batch yesterday and we are leaving town in three day...
13 years ago 2
Beer design??
Good day!! Could someone please direct me in some way where to find info on chemicals used in beer for purpose of filming beer commercial??? Chemicals and stuff used to make head stay on beer long...
13 years ago 9
OT: Aussie!
Last night I experienced the best atmosphere of my sport watching life. Australia beat Uruguay 4-2 on penalties to go through to the Football World Cup Finals after each team won 1-0 at home. Go ...
13 years ago 4
how do I calculate the alcohol but taking into account the temperatures...
Hi, What is the calculation for working out the alcohol? If my SG was 1.040 @ 26 degrees C and the FG was 1.004 @ 20 degrees The formula - or a site that takes into account the temperature, as a...
13 years ago 7
what is the best way to age a beer?
Hi! What is the best way of ageing a bottle of beer? Is it okay to just put the bottle in the fridge and keep it there for, say, a year or so, or is it best to leave it at room temperature in a da...
13 years ago 9
1st time yeast harvest
Hello, I have a question that may have been covered before but I am hoping to get advice on how to proceed. I took a few bottles of bottle conditioned IPA and sanitized the necks poured out the ale ...
13 years ago 4
Low FG with ale yeast
I just bottled a cider that I had fermented using 5 gallons of fresh cider, brown sugar, and 2 packs of Coopers Ale Yeast. The OG was 1.066, and after 10 days in the primary, it tasted real good wi...
13 years ago 4
huckleberry Dew
Ummm, beer is good
13 years ago 1
Need help
Ok here is the problem, I started this brew on saturday about 5pm. It seemed to be fermenting weakly on sunday. Then sunday night on to monday nothing no bubbles. The Hydrometer has gone form OG1.05...
13 years ago 13