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Root Beer
When I was a kid you could buy brewed root beer that had a head just like beer. I have tried making root beer before, but it did not have a good head. It was like what you get in the store. I want...
13 years ago
Heineken for collectors
See the link:
13 years ago
Making Stout
Recently I made a really nice Coopers Stout (using a kit). After fermenting I transferred to a Keg and threw in a bottle of Ginger Wine for added flavour. To begin with this tasted great (day I pu...
13 years ago 8
Equipment - Fixed
I need some assistance in knowing what equipment exactly I need to purchase in order to brew beer at home. I currently make wine, and have the following... a hydrometer, 2 glass carboys, a primar...
13 years ago 4
Has anyone successfully harvested yeast from a Bass Ale?
Has anyone successfully harvested yeast from a Bass Ale? Also what other commercial brews are easily harvested?
13 years ago 2
American girl + Chinese daddy = HOT!
American girl looking for her Chinese daddy! Find the links in chinese and watch the sparks fly!
13 years ago
Stout or barley wine
I've got 15 pounds of raisins and a pound or two of dates sitting around. I'm trying to come up with anything at all to use them in. I was thinking of doing something like a subtle fruitcake type ...
13 years ago 1
The Brewing Network Show- 9/4/05
Well brew fans, we've got a bit of a surprise for you this week! Due to a conflict in scheduling with Moonlight Brewing, who was supposed to be our guest this week, but has been rescheduled, we are ...
13 years ago
Carbonation in Barleywine Ale
I've never had an issue with carbonation, but I made a batch of barleywine (partial all-grain brew). I added the usual amount of corn sugar--3/4 cup/5 gallon. It has been in a bottle since late Ju...
13 years ago 2
beer brewing experiment/questions
I'm trying to brew my own Norwegian "juleol", or Christmas beer. I'm a frequent homebrewer, not for profit but pure pleasure as a hobby. I have brewed several beers, lagers, and mead as well, so I...
13 years ago 3
Canadian Equipment Supplier needed
Hello folks,, I am looking for an online supplier located in Canada specifically for a large brew pot with spigot for draining the wort, arond 100 to 150 liters. All my local shops dont carry any...
13 years ago 1
Listermann's kits
Am thinking about buying some Listermann kits. There isn't much of a description with most of them. Any suggestions/experience. Can not brew lagers at this point. Thanks
13 years ago 2
Great price on 40 quart stainless steel kettle Masterbuilt is discontinuing this turkey fryer kit, which consists of a 40 quart SS pot with handles and lid, and tur...
13 years ago
And i'm sure it's pretty dumb, but here goes nothing.... I've amassed quite a collection of half gallon growlers from breweries around town. Considering the amount I usually drink in a sitting, i...
13 years ago 1
Bottle Crates
Hi, Does anybody know where I can get a crate for Beer Bottles. I am looking for the type that has seperate compartments for each bottle and will hold normally 24 bottles (more would be okay!) I h...
13 years ago 1