Intoxicating aroma

While at the PPP I picked some LiuAn Gua Pian which has always been on
my shortlist of Chinese teas to buy. In fact it was the last one on
my list to cross off. I feel I have to drop some change to pay for a
couple of trips to the head. I brewed a cup and my head was spinning
from just the aroma. I could feel my eyeballs lose grip for a split
second. The taste is in the nostrils not the tongue. They are
stubborn leaves to infuse. The first cup I kept spitting leaves back
in the cup. The flavor and aroma is gone by the third cup. I wished
I could afford to take a hot bath in this stuff. Id like a brain scan
to see how much dopamine and melatonin was released. There is no long
term effect just an immediate rush of pleasure sensations.
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Agreed - LiuAn Gua Pian is one of my favorites. I got some of Upton's recently and it's pretty good - an ideal gaiwan tea. Lovely nose with a lovely, nutty flavor.
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