Pu-erh foray, for white tea drinker

i order some white and green teas online and was intrigued by these pu- erh's i saw. i ordereda ripe and raw brick to try it out. i gave up coffe due to caffeine levels and switched to green and white teas which i quite enjoy. 3-4 infusion and the taste is nice.
i loved my silver needles, green pine needls and jasmine pearls in the order, magnificent. today at work i brough a thermos and boiled water for an all day pu- erh-fest. al read up and intrigued, pumped to go.
7.30 am boiled water, and prepared clear mug with infuser
dropped in pu-erh, washed leaves and rinsed cup. added water , counted to 20 sec and removed infuser.
smelled like fresh earth, just as i had read. sipped a little, tasted like fresh dirt and woody. interesting...
finished cup, about 30 secs later, i felt my heart racing, sweaty, kinda panicky, wow, wow WOW
walked around a bit went in washroom, felt weird, ... WOW
this pu-erh has a kick!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOO
20 minutes, ok, settling down a bit, after one hour wait, infused leaves for 20 secs, wet leaves made the clear mug, black, darker then first try. after contemplating another panic attack , i thought it would not be good to have to be rushed to the hospital in an ambulance , so i poured it away.
i decided to give up pu-erh for the day, as i felt panicky again, was it the caffeine ? was it the big jump from white tea to pu-erh ?
next time i will wash the leave 3-4 times until the tea is less dark. ppl at work were like, what's wrong al? i said tea from china,
they asked what the hell was in it ?
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snipped-for-privacy@cogeco.ca writes:
Almost certainly.
You haven't told us how much of the (cooked, apparently) brick you brewed, so I'll have to guess. I think you eyeballed the amount of leaf you put in your brewing vessel and used a volume similar to the volume of white tea you're accustomed to. Trouble is, that brick is highly compressed, so the *weight* of leaf you brewed was much greater than you're accustomed to. You don't necessarily have to use a scale, but if you're drinking different types of tea and you don't want wild variations in the strength of the beverage, you need to be aware that strength follows weight, not volume.
Or you could just use less.
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Lewis Perin
Don't forget that a lot of people get a sort of "high" from Puerh as well, kind of a head swimming feeling that is actually not the caffeine talking. Sure, there is caffeine too so I'm sure it was a combination. I've only experienced the "swimmy" feeling two or three times when I began drinking Puerh and never again. The common misconception is that white tea has low caffeine, it can have just as much if not more than other types.
Give it some time, come back to it and see if it affects you the same way again. I know folks who are similarly affected by jasmine in jasmine green teas, I have no idea if it is an allergy or some sort of strange reaction that triggers it.
- Dominic
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Dominic T.

Having a full stomach before drinking tea would also cut down on that strange feeling. Sometimes drinking tea on an empty stomach is not a good thing.
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You might be interested to know that there is also a type of white Puerh tea made only from buds that is similar to white tea. Personally I find white Puerh to be slightly stronger in taste with a fuller body with proven short term ageing potential. If you are interested an article on white Puerh tea is available at
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