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Hi All, I am looking for tea which costs 1000 USD per kg. Please help
Dear All, I am looking for tea brands or products (good if available online) pricing around 1000 USD for 1 kg. Please let me know if you know any such.
6 years ago 6
Чай Daily Fusion
6 years ago
Why is it not recommended to drnk tea with your meals
Why Drinking Tea after meals or with meals not recommended??
6 years ago 6
Drinking tea. Which do you prefer? 你更喜歡哪 一個?
泡茶法Tea Methods; 泡茶法Brewing Method; 小壺茶 Small Pot Method(high temperatures); 蓋碗茶法Cover Bowl Method(low temperatures); 大桶茶法Large Capacity Method; 濃縮茶法Concentr...
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New Chinese-English language tool
6 years ago
Where to find "Emperor's Red (Fujian)" tea?
Hi, I used to drink the Special Teas' 593 Emperor's Red tea. It was a China black tea from Fujian province. It had chocolate and chery notes (it resembled Golden Monkey). After Special Teas was inco...
6 years ago 1
無我茶會 wu-wo tea ceremony
無我茶會 wu-wo tea ceremony tips, Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony style can be used for Tea Appreciation Day Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony is a simple way to brew, serve, and drink tea, it can be done together or ...
6 years ago
christmas teas
Christmas teas do something different: PUERH and oriental beauty; black tea with a dash of nutmeg; cinnamon with any tea; oolong and brown sugar and o range; green tea and touch of maple syrup. ...
6 years ago
2013 teas
Starting out- a tea medley. Toci
6 years ago 7
The current state of tea.
I was walking through the local tea market the day before yesterday in search of a new tea table. I noticed a pretty interesting difference in teas available. The market is no longer completely Pu...
6 years ago 1
I happened to have been browsing around Dealextreme when I found this new category: There looks like some interesting materia...
6 years ago 3
November- tea
I haven't decided yet. But I'm almost finished with my coffee and cocoa allotments. Toci
6 years ago
Instead of getting back to my hot tea, I*'m greeting the cool October days with coffee. What were those reasons I( should stay with tea? Toci
6 years ago 2
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6 years ago
Teavana and Puerh
So, I dropped into a Teavana store, not really knowing what to expect, and was surprised by the pleasant service and the reasonable tea that I found. So far, the stuff that I bought from them is r...
6 years ago 1