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6 years ago
Advice on the Tea Industry
Greetings, I enjoy learning from this group and would appreciate your advice. I want to make a long-term career in the tea industry, and I am looking to begin by joining a medium/large sized company....
6 years ago
Fully Withered Darjeeling
A coworker, Gautam, was going back to India for a few weeks and asked me if I wanted anything so of course I asked for tea. I asked for a fully withered dark Darjeeling, the way Darjeeling teas were...
6 years ago 5
Simple Loose Leaf | Tea subscriptions like you have NEVER seen before. We guarantee it!
Dear All, We would like to introduce ourselves. We are Simple Loose Leaf and we offer a tea subscription that customers get to customize themselves. We, two brothers and our sister, started Simple...
6 years ago 2
Green Tea
reen tea has been used as a medicine for thousands of years, originating in China but widely used throughout Asia this beverage has a multitude of uses from lowering blood pressure to preventing...
6 years ago
Hot tea for autumn
I've had my first cup- a generic black with lemon peel. I don't like it any better hot than cold, but I'll finish up the small packet and not buy again. Toci Aaaaah- Sencha, hot as I remember it. A...
6 years ago 3
Benefits to Drinking Green Tea
Green tea has increasingly become a very popular drink worldwide becaus of its immensely powerful health benefits. It is extraordinarily amazin what green tea can do for your health. And if you're not...
6 years ago
Worry or laugh
Both, Laughing about the portray apt to that info. And Worry about the fact given with that cartoon pic.
6 years ago 1
August tea
black- premium Black Tea, Lemon with peels green-China Green Tea, Sencha Toci Sorry i don't understand. Can you please explain what is august tea.. Tea drunk in August. So far, my September tea is the...
6 years ago 2
Actually, getting back to the topic. Toci
6 years ago
Hating my new teapot :-/
It's a porcelain teapot with a built-in strainer: small holes in the pot's body where the spout is attached. It's just a mess to clean, since I can't get rid of the leaves through the spout when I...
7 years ago 8
Geraldo Sells Tea: Far Wenwa Pu'er
Friends? I?m selling pu?er at initial offering is comprised of thirteen adolescent sheng beengs, tuos, and bricks, 1995-2005. As I learn the ropes of website operation, I expect to move more tea out...
7 years ago
July teas
For black, morning tea- "Summer" tea, with a grapefruit fragrance. For green, afternoon tea, a green chai mix. Both refrigerated. Toci
7 years ago
Sweet gunpowder?
I'm seriously starting to think that gunpowder tea only makes sense with sugar: 2' in less-than-boiling water yields a nice smoky brew, that I can only appreciate sweetened. Previous experiments with...
7 years ago 3
Papaya Leaf Tea is shown in clinical study to have effect against cancer(s)
I have spent six years studying papaya leaf tea. This study is specific enough to talk about papaya leaf tea and cancer. How are the tea leaf made?? How should one take the tea??
7 years ago 1