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Almost impossible to answer. Bear in mind all whiskies on sale via the Internet in the UK, are "available in the US", and without visiting Gatwick who knows what's on sale there. To they have a "World of Whisky" shop there like Heathrow?
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Roger, Bad choice of words on my part. What I am asking is if the duty free shops at Gatwick carry any bottles that are not distributed through regular channels? Things like Laphroaig Quarter Cask, which you can get on eBay, but not a US liquor store. I do not know about what shops are in Gatwick as I have not been through that airport. I've got a couple layovers in the near future and that is why I am asking the questions.
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Jeff Folloder
According to the Friends of Laphroaig newsletter the next batch of Quarter Cask should be shipping to US liquor stores.
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: Are there any bottle to be picked up not available in the US?
I've been to both Gatwick and Heathrow over the past couple of years and I've looked, and nothing is particularly special. Everything I've seen is available here and to be honest the slight price savings weren't worth the weight.
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But there's always something a little bit more special about a bottle you've bought in an exotic location (OK- that may exclude Gatwick, but think of it as only 400 miles from the distillery), rather than wandering down to the offy (off license/liqueur store) round the corner. My collection still includes a bottle of Mao Tai from a trip to China, and a bottle of Vietnamese vodka with the lizard (surprisingly good). However the Georgian white wine that I wouldn't clean paint brushes with never made it!
Wherever it comes from you'll enjoy it, Bob
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Bob Miller
Jeff opined:
Maybe Justin lives in a duty free shop?
I've picked up a number of intersting expressions clearly marked
"For Duty Free Sale Only"
including 1litre bottles of : Aberlour 15 Double Cask 40% Ardbeg 10 40% Bowmore 12 43% and Lagavulin 1981 Distiller's Edition 43%
I missed another Aberlour 1990 40% and have the 12y 40% on my list for my next duty free visit.
If these are identical to what you can buy at home -good on ya. I'm still going to haunt the duty free shops with my list of "hard to find" malts whenever I travel through the UK.
Commander Bob Who wishes that the duty free price in the UK was NOT usually higher than the price at home.
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Commander Bob

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