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Say, has anyone tried the HP Single Cask #7366 (24 yr)? I saw it advertized on the Park Ave website. (I'm not affiliated w/ Park Ave Liq, this isn't spam). As a big fan of the 12 + 18, I wonder if this is what it claims to be. Park Ave has it posted on their home page, which will eventually change:
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Yes, I bought two bottles while in New York a few months ago. It was highly recommended by Scott, a well-informed fellow who works at Park Avenue Liquors. I'm a huge fan of Highland Park, so it wasn't much of a gamble. I was, and am, delighted with my purchase.
I think the original bottling HP 25YO is a great value at around $175, especially as older malts are getting rarer, and the Macallan 25YO is near $300. The HP is more delicious, IMHO.
This 24YO cask strength is quite different from the OB 25YO. With a strong nose that reminds me of molasses, yeast, almonds, and a little peat, this malt is a little more full-bodied than the 25YO OB, and perhaps a bit less balanced. At 58% ABV, it packs quite a wallop, and many will want to add a splash or two of spring water. I prefer my cask strength whiskies straight - water always just dilutes the flavor for me. However, a whisky this strong I usually reserve for the end of a tasting - the strong alcohol content can "burn" the palate.
I think if you're a Highland Park fan, and don't mind spending the money, you won't be disappointed.
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