Johnny Walker Blue Lable

Is this stuff worth the price.I am still pretty new to single malts but I
drank enough to know what taste good to me.My favorite is Oban 14 YR old. I
like Glenmorganie 10 YR,McCallan 12. Not crazy about Laphroaig. Any
sugestions, comments.
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It's good stuff, but you can get much better single malts for the price. For half the price, actually. I find it rather pricey...
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Shared a bottle with someone the other night. His grandmother bought it to celebrate his actually completing training, passing board exams, and landing a job with the new certificate.
While not as descriptive as other here, it did not have a strong initial bite and was smooth. Not as smoky as the single malts I prefer but a decent hint. The finish and aftertaste felt a little mediciny or strong on the iodine.
For something about ready to collect a pension, ok. But at 200-250 USD a bottle, I could snag 3-5 single malts and have a good supply in the closet.
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Exactly. Considering that it was created specifically to separate Japanese business travelers from their money (and was available for its first couple of years only to airline customers on trans-Pacific flights) should tell you something about its value.
-- Larry
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$200.00? Yikes! I could buy seven or eight bottles of Black Label for that price. I bought Black Label for the first time on my last cruise. The liquor shop didn't have much of a selection so I got the Black Label. I usually only buy single malt scotch or bourbon but I figured I would try Johnny Walker since it's so famous and there wasn't much of a selection to begin with. Plus, my brother told me he had a professor that said the best whisky in the world was Johnny Walker. Anyway, a week after I got home I opened it up and tried it. I instantly fell in love with it. Absolutely yummy!
I put Black Label in my select group of favorite whisky's - Elijah Craig 12 bourbon, Highland Park 12, and Johnny Walker Black Label.
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Von Fourche
"Gary" schreef in bericht news:HUKdnThye
Johnny Walker Blue Lable is not a single malt whisky but it is a blend. I'd much rather buy a Port Ellen - Scott's Selection 25 YO vintage 1981 for the same money. But than again it's more to my tasting. IMHO you could get more drinking pleasure and adventure out of 140 Euro's (the price i found it for) even though it is a very good blend.
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Niels Harkink
Based on what you like, I recommend spending $35 - $50 USD (if you're in the states) on Aberlour A'bunadh, or $30 on Highland Park 12, or whatever ($30) on Dalwhinnie ... and then buy another bottle of each ... and a proper glass to drink malts from ... some candy bars ... dinner and a movie ...
I have a bottle of the blue. I got it duty-free, for about $100 for a 700 ml (?) plus a 200 ml bottle. I knew it wasn't going to be worth it at that price, but I had to do it. It's good, but I like all of my single malts better. I'm glad I did it, but I will never need to again. No way for $170 - $200.
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John Derby

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