White Horse Whisky 1 Gallon & Cradle

Goodaye to all,
I have a White Horse Whisky 1 Gallon bottle [still sealed] in a cradle.
Registered Label No. 6073.
Can someone direct me to a site for more info.
Done a Google on this item but no site lists any avenues for further investigation.
P.S. For genuine inquiries, please email me for a photo of label & bottle.
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I'd suggest popping over to the Scotch Blog
He has an email address on the right called 'Ask the Collector' which will forward enquiries such as yours to Sukhinder Singh of The Whisky Exchange, London. If you can provide photos he may well be able to help.
I would also suggest the Whisky Magazine forums
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No worries.
Let us know what the results are, eh?
If needs be I can host the pictures for you.
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