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best whisky
under $20....blended....hmmmmm Black Velvet...RESERVE.... bob wald: Black Bottle, a blend of Islays. their new bottles with the reserve are the best looking bottles i ever saw....i found them for...
8 years ago 4
Discussion lists or boards?
This group seems pretty quiet. I'm wondering if anybody knows of any Internet discussion lists or boards devoted to single malts? Just wondering if there are spots where the discussion is a little...
8 years ago 2
Best place for whisky online?
I live in southwest Virginia, USA. I'm limited by what the state ABC stores stock. Even the biggest have nowhere near a comprehensive selection of single malts. Anybody have a favorite online source...
8 years ago 3
Grouse. No, not the whisky. We're in the grouse hunting season in the UK. I wonder if anyone here eats much grouse. And what would you drink with it?
8 years ago
Weather and drinking single malts?
Although I've been sipping single malts for a few years, I still consider myself a novice. I like the Islays the best, Laphroiag being my current favorite. I've noticed that I seem to enjoy a dram...
8 years ago 11
Tesco Islay
What is Tesco's Islay single malt? I last heard it was a Bruichladdich,but that was when it was a 10 year old.I've not tried the new 12 yet. Drew Martin: It could well have been Bruichladdich. My...
8 years ago 4
Japanese Whisky and Radiation
I'm a fan of Japanese whisky but I've not bought any for long time. I was thinking of ordering some but got to wondering - should I be concerned with radiation? Is the nuclear disaster going to have...
8 years ago 1
To All, Why is it that only oak barrels are used(I know by law that's all that can be used)?Would not other types of wood offer different tastes?In Greece they put Feta in beech barrels to give...
9 years ago 1
I've only tried Ardbeg 10 myself, and while I certainly appreciated its qualities, it did seem to have a bit of a sharp/harsh aftertaste. This time I'd like to wow someone, who has only tried Crown...
9 years ago 8
Instead of aging spirits in oak barrels,
why not just filter the spirits though oak sawdust? "aruzinsky" skrev i melding news: Hehe... During 5 to 15 or more years ageing the liquid absorbs compounds from the wood. A part even evaporates...
9 years ago 5
Where does the taste come from?
I'm enjoying my first experiences with Scotch, and am starting to think about it in greater depth. One question I am curious about is where the specific tastes come from in a whisky? Obviously any...
9 years ago 4
What are the differences between malts used to make
1. Scotch 2. Beer 3. Malted Milk Shakes It is my experience that the malt syrup that is sold for making beer is unsuitable for making malted milk shakes and flavoring for malted milk shakes is damn...
9 years ago 3
Yuletide dram
Are you having a special Yuletide dram? I had a deal on Auchentoshan and Black Bottle, and there's a Bunnahabhain in reserve. SlĂ inte! Laphroaig Quarter Cask for me. Jim Ardbeg Rollercoaster,...
9 years ago 18
Not a Scotch, but has anyone tried Maker's 46 yet? Very satisfying & hard to find. It seems that it is not available over here. Andreas Yea, bottled in the USA. I doubt there is enough to export. I...
9 years ago 2
The Highland Way
Has anyone tried The Highland Way? I was surprised that The Whisky Shop in Fort William didn't stock it.
9 years ago