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Islay Festival Report
Well folks I am back from 3 weeks and a bit in Scotland. I was on Islay for 2 weeks and the festival Feis Ila was one of the weeks. I visited all 9 distilleries and was there when the newest Kilchom...
10 years ago 6
Aberlour 10 cheap in in Asda
Asda (well, out local branch at least) is selling off their stock of Aberlour 10 for £15. The 10yo seems to have improved massively from when I last tried it a few years ago. Jim -- Please help s...
10 years ago
Any reviews on this 10 year old? It seems to have a reasonable price near me, reasonable being $68.00 CDN.
10 years ago 27
Anyone going to the Islay Festival?
I am just about to leave with the wife to catch the ferry from Holland to Newcastle and later on in the week we are going to Islay . We have rented a cottage in Port Charlotte. Anyone else going? Al...
10 years ago 9
Check out this video of Scottish Scenery, Hope you all enjoy it. Camer01
10 years ago
Whiskey and computers
Maybe someone could try this with a liter bottle of Lagavulin...,1205,l%253D239377%2526a%253D239382%2526po%253D10,00.asp?p=y -- Larry
10 years ago
Credit Crunch
Hi All, With the state of the world today,has it made a major impact on buying/drinking of SMS? I my case it has big time, I have just had a £525 4 weekly pay cut and put on a 3 day...
10 years ago 5
Glen Peel?
Has anyone ever tasted -- or even seen -- Glen Peel, a 12-yr. "Speyside Glenlivet"? The bottle I've seen stated distilled in 1992, so it was available fairly recently. TIA -- Larry
10 years ago
Breton whisky?
Has anyone tasted Armorik, a single malt whisky made in Brittany? TIA -- Larry
10 years ago
new poster -Australia
Hi to the folks here. Have been sitting quietly and watching and learning. Nice bunch imo . No expert by any means just drink what I like the taste of when I can afford it . Although favourite...
10 years ago 7
Hi everyone, I am a bit new to this newsgroup. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good single malt; so far, I have tried Glenfiddich 15, Dalwhinnie 15, and Aberlour A'bundah. I liked the...
10 years ago 5
Hi All, I've been following the Laphroiag thread. The question is does age really make a difference with a good malt? The Quarter Cask and Glenrothes Select Reserve are very good exam...
10 years ago 30
Where have all the people gone?
Hi! About two years ago, I was very active in the news group. And so where a lot of other whisky lovers. Now it seems that new posting are very far apart - many days. No? - Where are people talkin...
10 years ago 5
Weird Sainsbury's Laphroaig Offer
Dunno if this is national or local, but our branch of Sainsbury's has been selling Laphroaig Quarter Cask at just one penny more than the standard 10 year old variety for a few weeks now. (£26.00, ...
10 years ago 17
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10 years ago