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Learn Everything you can imagine about Coffee 05430 This is a totally Free site for everyone, it is the way the Internet used to be. I have been immersed in the Net since 88 and I have seen things change several times over...
11 years ago
Hi everybody! Since there seems a little bit of life left in here ;-)... I posted my Islay-photos some moths ago. In the meantime I almost finished my scanning from my trip in July 2008. the pict...
11 years ago 5
Price of Single Malt
Had an interesting conversation with a local retailer (US) last week. A couple years ago we spoke and he said small retailers had a hard time getting some of the Single Malts. He said for examp...
11 years ago 3
Ardbeg Supernova
I managed to bag a bottle of this when they made it (briefly) available to people on their mailing list. Supernova is Ardbeg's 100ppm peat monster, and first impressions are that it's a stonker. Ma...
11 years ago 5
Toronto Canada - Yearly Whisky Show For those of you in Toronto in March this is a fun thing to do. (I'm not associated with this event I just found it a pleasure in the past)
11 years ago
What Santa brought me this Xmas.
Hi All, One again the Man in Red was nice to me. In his sack this year was: Talisker 10, Aberlour a'bunadh Batch 25, Bunnahabhain 12,nowhere as heavy or brutal as the other Islay's. Glenmoran...
11 years ago
'75 Jura 22 yr.
In honor of the Giants flattening the Deadskins yesterday, I cracked a new bottle after supper tomight: a Signatory Isle of Jura 1975, bottled in 1997, casks 2780 and 2781, 43% abv. Yes, it's been s...
11 years ago
Aberlour A'bunadh - no mustiness??
I just opened a new bottle of my favorite (a'bunadh), but was surprised that the mildew/must note was absent. By all accounts, it's still my fav', but I was a bit saddened at the loss of this charac...
11 years ago
jw gold, crown royal 16cask-
or forty creek barrel select? which 1 would you be more happy with n why?
11 years ago 10
Jura Superstition
I just got given a bottle of Jura Superstition. I was never so keen on Jura, but I took an instant liking to this expression. Anyone had it? Anyone like it? Peace, Jock
11 years ago 5
what is the diference with whisky, whiskey, bourbon
Good evening, Can someone give me the difference between whisky, whiskey and bourbon Ror me whisky and whiskey are the same but in France it's possible to find bottles with whiskey writting an ano...
11 years ago 8
Response from Nikka Whisky
Dear Mr.Nick Cramer Thank you for your inquiry for Nikka Whisky. We, Asahi Breweries, Ltd., have received your inquiry through the website of Nikka Whisky Distilling Co. Ltd., which is our subsidia...
11 years ago 4
Holiday drams
I've recently had occasion to fly for the first time in 30 years[0]. As a result of that I was able to take advantage of the increasingly inaccurately named "Duty Free" to pick up a couple of bottle...
11 years ago 5
Dear All readers Well, the big day (evening) is nearly upon us. The technical guys are arriving with a huge satellite truck. Space is being cleared in Warehouse No 1. I am getting nervous. It's n...
11 years ago
Whisky at LeMans...
I hope everyone watched and cheered for team "Bruichladdich Radical" at LeMans yesterday and today -- they finished 6th in the P2 class. Nice to see "Bruichladdich" on the side of a race car as pri...
11 years ago