1998 Paulliac and Pomerol

(UK mail order merchant) has Paulliac Lacoste-Borie and Pomerol L'Enclos Haut Mazeyres at £15 a bottle, which looks good at UK prices if the vintage is promising. I am unfamiliar with both producers, but I am predominantly a "Penfoldsista" and consumer of Southern hemisphere wines, so that is no surprise. TIA for any advice or alternative recommendations.
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Ian Hayward
Right Bank 98s are IMHO (and most people's opinions) far better than leftbank. There are some good Medocs, but far more good Pomerols and St. Emilions. I haven't had either wine, but at that price I'd buy the Pomerol. If interested in the Pauillac, buy one to try. Dale
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Dale Williams

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