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Wine Stores & Wine Friendly Resturants around Bethesda, MD
I'm working in Bethesda, MD over the next several months and looking for a decent wine store and wine friendly resturants. Any and all suggestions would be appreciated. Cheers P. Parker
13 years ago 5
[TN] Silver wedding dinner
Hello, Yesterday we celbrated our 25th anniversary with a stupenduous party, where the invited were self and Xina and noone else except for the young son who saw fit to go off and spend the evenin...
13 years ago 12
ripasso v. ripassa
Can y'all explain the difference in the meaning of ripasso and ripassa? Have seen both used (in wines I have liked very much, like the Villabella ripassO) but don't know what the semantic distin...
13 years ago 5
Anyone Recall a B-N-B Wine, Matilda Bay?
Recently, several of us winos were discussing our "old days," and the plonk that we ingested in the name of wine, while discussing how folk eschew Rosé wines, because of built-in prejudice agains...
14 years ago 4
Appropriate Bizarro cartoon
Just for wine lovers:-)
4 years ago
TN: Mostly Alsace, plus Loire, Gaillac at a fun event
Last night we went to a Farm to Table dinner hosted by my friends Alex and Fred. Fun night, nice crowd. Fred had a selection of mostly natural wines, but I also carried some bonus bottles. We were gr...
9 years ago
1995 Chateau L'Evangile, 1999 Diamond Creek RRT
To kick off a "lamb fest" this weekend Icooked braised lamb shanks in red wine. I rummaged around the cellar and pulled a couple of red wines that I haven't had in a while. 1995 Chateau L'Evangile...
9 years ago 2
Wanted and Impossible 100Rp-100WS
Here there are all togheter: 1) Barolo Brunate 1997 by R,Voerzio 2) Amarone montelodoletta 1997-1998 by Dal Forno 3) Vigna d'Alceo 1999 4) Redigaffi 2000 5) Masseto 2001 6) Barolo Torriglione 200...
14 years ago 1
Marchesi di Montecristo Nerello del Bastardo (1999)
Another Trader Joes selection that should be considered for your house (or inexpensive) red. A little googling indicated that it's a blend of Nebbiolo and Sangiovese done in a Barolo style. Price is ...
15 years ago