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1998 Henriot Champagne Rose – a favourite house for me, and a young
bubbly with lovely colour, but still fairly primary in terms of
development – needs time.
1995 Seppelts Great Western Sparkling Shiraz – this has held up very
well, showing a sweet nose, dark colour and much less sweetness on
palate. I thought that it faded a bit with time in the glass, so drink
1999 Jakoby-Methy Kinheimer Rosenberg Kabinett – pale wine with a big
diesel nose with some lemon lime, slightly low acid, pleasant and
2007 Groth Napa Chardonnay – I haven’t had this chard for several
years. Not an over the top style, more a limit pusher as far as oak
etc. Good toast, and an interesting aroma of peanuts in the nose!
Smooth and with decent length.
2001 Tardieu Laurent Cote Rotie – I approached this with trepidation
having tasted/endured many TD wines and endlessly waited for them to
shed tannins and oaken aromas and come into focus. This one was
decent though, with medium fruit, slight astringency at the end. A
decent but not exceptional Cornas.
2005 Pierre Bise Quarts de Chaume – for me, undoubtedly the wine of
the night. Just a lovely showing with a nose of bright apricot and
pineapple, fairly sweet in the mouth but with excellent acid levels so
very good balance, long with botrytis showing up more in the lengthy
finish. Excellent wine.
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Bill S.
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Not a producer that I'm familiar with, Bill. Low acid isn't a descriptor I look for in German Riesling, especially from the fantastic '99 vintage.
I was reading last night that '07 might be a watershed year for Cal Chards as it combines a cooler growing season with a growing shift toward less OTT Chardonnays. We'll see how much currency such a view has.
That says it all about the T-L style, doesn't it? ;-)
Thanks for the stimulating notes, Bill.
Mark Lipton
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Mark Lipton
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Not one I know, either - but I see from records that this small family operation (40.000 bottles a year, I guess) after mediocre 2002-2004 vintages got an upswing from 2005 to 2007 with some very good wines (and some ordinary ones). 2008, a difficult vintage, was perhaps less succesful (very good Spätleses, though), so 2009 in my opinion will be important for their reputation. It will be interesting to see. Prices are moderate, btw. Anders
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Anders Tørneskog
Bill wrote on Mon, 26 Apr 2010 21:23:23 -0700 (PDT):
Sorry to bug you again but sometimes I can't figure out tasting terms. Does "diesel" refer to the smoke from a big truck or the fuel itself, and if the latter, how does it differ from "petrol"?
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James Silverton
On Apr 27, 1:33 pm, "James Silverton" wrote:
I always thought the term "diesel" refered to the fuel itself not the smoke. Petrol and deisel seem to be interchangeable.
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"Bi!!" skrev i melding news: snipped-for-privacy@r1g2000yqb.googlegroups.com...
Hmm, the best stem for deisel must be Reidel
:-) Anders
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Anders Tørneskog
Yup - both diesel and petrol are petroleum distillates but with different odours and sometimes a Riesling seems more like one than the other.
Perhaps our biochemist can pipe up with a description of the difference, and maybe even what compounds in a wine remind us (note that I didn't say they were necessarily the same compounds) of these petroleum products.
The producer of the Riesling was also new one on me, and yes, I'd have expected more acidity, but it was....pleasant.
As we had to leave to get across a crowded international border, we didn't get around to drinking a couple of other wines we'd brought.
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Bill S.

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