Funny screwcap video

Michael Pronay wrote in news:
What a hoot! thank you Michael!
Joseph Coulter
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in article, Michael Pronay at wrote on 5/18/05 11:40 AM:
If any winery would do something like that video it would be Bonny Doon.
BTW, is it my computer, or is the sound track completely out of any synch with the video??? I mean seriously out of synch.... as in the young woman is questioning the screwcap, lip-reading on the video, a full 20+ seconds after she does it on the audio. Or.... did I have too much to drink last night?
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in article, Seaberdeaber at wrote on 5/18/05 3:26 PM:
Nope. Same thing at either speed, no synch at all between the sound track and what's going on in the movie. Hard to tell if it's supposed to be that way or not.
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