My wine year 2016 - Bordeaux and Lunelli

So looking back at 2016 I notice that I've been drinking a lot of Bordeaux. And some overseas wines I used to buy started falling into the category "eew, this is vanilla pudding!" and then making gluhwein or sauce out of it.
Another revelation is Tenute Lunelli. OMG, those wines are aggressively competitively priced at a fraction of the price of Bordeaux with some similarities to the reds and the Ferrari brand bubbly compared to champagnes.
I had a Ziggurat one day and a Bordeaux the next and wondered " hey those are almost identical!" . The Ziggurat is 10 euro in Italy, 20euro in Denmark, and the Grand Vin de Bordeaux was 26 euro on sale down from 50 euro.
this one:
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Read more about Lunelli reds:
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I havent tasted the Carapace yet, but I have 2 bottles outside the door :)
I really love the cheap Sagrantino di Montefalco Sassogrande Rosso that's 8 euro here, 16 in Denmark, and this is its big brother.
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