oops, lost my notes on Loire night

Friday our local non-serious group gathered at Fred’s for a look at the Loire. Nice spring evening on the deck with an incredible spread of fo od- a salmon mousse, radishes with butter, goat and other cheeses, smoked t rout croquettes (I thought Bacalhau at first), pork with miso paste, carrot s, and much more. Most of the wines were blind but I accidentally erased my notes before going to Mohonk, so these are just impressions of ones I reme mber (for instance I totally forgot producer on a nice sparkling Rose , a p et-nat of I think CF and Groulleau). Definitely missed a couple of whites
2018 Clos de la Grange Touraine Sauvignon Clean and easy, grapefruit with some stony notes.
2006 Foreau (Clos Naudin) Vouvray Sec Round for Foreau, ripe peach and apple with some honey and wool
Red in approximate order of my preference (best first)
2016 Hureau “Tuffe” Saumur-Champigny Fresh raspberries, nicely built, smoky
2015 Joguet “Cuvee Terroir” Chinon Cherry, herbs, good lenght
2016 Lauverjet Sancerre rouge Full, red fruited, more structure the Pelle M-S
2015 Pelle Morogues Menetou-Salon rouge Herby, high acid, tangy
2005 Filliatreau “la Grande Vignolle”Saumur-Champigny Showing its age (another recent bottle was fresher) as dark berry fruit has a bit of pruniness, and there’s a light VA note, but still some st uffing and actually better with time, with more earth and mushroom
(vintage?) Olivier Cousin “Pur Breton” Not as brett filled as earlier vintages I’ve had, still not my fave
We finished with the 1993 Huet Le Haut Lieu Vouvray Mouelleux 1ere Trie. Qu ite vital, honey and apricot along with beeswax, great length.
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