TN(brief) 97 Ridge Geyserville

Although this blend includes two grapes new to me, it's 74% Zin (15%
Carignane and 1% Mataro are the two oddities); that character certainly
came through, but well-mixed with (I assume) notes new-to-me parts of
the mix.
This is good-to-great; rounded berry and currant hitting the nose,
complex with several distinct phases in the mouth - cherries, more
currants, with tannins almost faded but still giving the structure. I
suspect (although have too little experience to actually know) that this
is now at the end or close of best drinking time, and will only fade
from this point; drink up :).
Matched well with a mushroom consomme and *very* well with
chocolate-cherry-marzipan torte. Only medium match with salmon in red
wine reduction and spices - not overpowered, but slightly clashing. Was
driving home, so we took half a bottle with us, decanted into a
half-bottle and in fridge overnight. Next day had opened up more, lost
none of the nose or structue, and matched very well with grilled steak
with compound chive-shallot-pepper butter.
Gets an A-. Not as good as my favourite 97 Zin (Rabbit Ridge Hedin) but
very good nonetheless; restaurant priced at $54 which seemed very good
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Funny you should mention it, but I took a bottle of '97 Ridge Geyserville with me on my recent excursion to Sedona AZ. I concur completely with your experience--the great fruit, the cherries (dark more than red), the nose of berries in the fields on a warm sunny afternoon, and the very subtle remainder of tannins to keep the wine crisp and clean through the finish. The wine has smoothed considerably from the initial release fruit bomb, but I disagree that it's on the verge of fade. I'd bet smoother and slower to give up it's flavors, but still wonderful for another several years at least.
It is probably becoming more of a nice evening sipper than a grand meal accompaniment which arguably might detract from the subtleties of this wonderful wine.
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