TN: Roses, Cot, and Aligote by the Hudson

Wednesday was the first riverside park concert of the season. Clouds cooled
things down, the jazz harmonicist Hendrik Meurkens put on a great show, an
d we had fun with friends.
We carried crab salad, duck salad, charcuterie, pasta with peas and pesto,
cheeses, others shared their own meats, cheeses, salads and dips
2017 Arnot Roberts Clear Lake Rose
Strawberries and nectarine, orange zest. Floral, light, tasty. B+
2015 De Villaine Bouzeron Aligote
Richer style of Aligote, pit fruits and lemon, minerally finish. B+/B
2015 Bouges "Les Cots Hauts" Cot
Juicy, red fruited, herby, doubt I would have pegged as Cot/Malbec if not o
n label, good. B
2017? Abrazo Rosado
Kirsch mixed with cherry KoolAid, flat and fat. C
Great time with friends. Iit was cloudy to west (over Palisades) but clear
to north, so we watched the sunset colors play out behind the new and old T
Z bridges before heading home
Grade disclaimer: I'm a very easy grader, basically A is an excellent wine,
B a good wine, C drinkable. Anything below C means I wouldn't drink at a p
arty where it was only choice.Furthermore, I offer no promises of objectivi
ty, accuracy, and certainly not of consistency.
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I love their wines, but the prices...
Mmmm.... Back up the truck! :P
TZ == Tappan zee?
Mark Lipton
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Mark Lipton
yeah, I feel that way about a lot of the "new California" wines but at least the rose isn't rdiculous, even if more than ESJ
Yes (everyone says New Tappan Zee, not "Mario Cuomo")
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